Effect Audio Chiron 4W 2023 - Silver-Gold Flagship
Effect Audio Chiron 4W 2023 - Silver-Gold Flagship
Effect Audio Chiron 4W 2023 - Silver-Gold Flagship
Effect Audio Chiron 4W 2023 - Silver-Gold Flagship

Effect Audio Chiron 4W 2023 - Silver-Gold Flagship

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Flagship Series Chiron

Effect Audio Chiron

CHIRON unveils the next chapter in the Hall of Fame series - a combination of the power of the new flagship Centurion and the splendor of Horus.

Flagship Series

CHIRON will mix the UP-OCC gold plated silver-gold alloy material with the classic Hall of Fame series material - UP-OCC gold plated silver material.

Flagship Series

The result is a perfect blend of "the power of a tiger" and "the delicate delicacy of a rose".

Flagship Series

Featuring a new custom Y-Split design, the Y-Split exudes raw strength and power, highlighting a distinct octagon-cut, sandblasted and polished surface that splits into three parts: the upper headstock, the middle surface and the lower seal. These parts resemble a V-shaped helmet that shields the inner face and embodies the spirit of the CHIRON.

Effect Audio Chiron


Headfonics Audio Reviews

Effect Audio Chiron

"The Effect Audio Chiron almost feels like a direct response to the Centurion's bombastic and high contrast excitement with a more relaxed and very smooth sounding performance when paired with our tested monitors. If mids are your fourth, complete with creamy vocals and plenty of space for them to breathe, then it's the perfect complimentary cable to the flagship's exuberance. "

Effect Audio Chiron Review — Headfonics

Headfonia Reviews - Quality audio reviews

"Effect Audio Chiron impresses with excellent quality and craftsmanship, which is not surprising from EA. The new Chiron is a very soft and smooth cable, for both its sounds and premium build. The new dark design brings fresh air to the EA lineup, and it offers fantastic performance with the right IEM pairing."

Effect Audio Chiron Review - Headfonia Reviews

"Classy looking cable with all Titanium alloy hardware and new non-transparent jacket, ConX interchangeable connectors, quality workmanship, noticeable improvement in soundstage/imaging, enhances the retrieval of details, preserves the sound transparency."

Effect Audio Chiron – Twister6 Reviews


  • 26AWG 4 strands
  • Selected premium UP-OCC material
  • Gold Plated Silver / Gold Plated Silver Gold Alloy Hybrid
  • septuplet core bundle strand
  • Stranded stranding
  • EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
  • Superior PSquared/P-EA connector with titanium coating
  • Interchangeable ConX ®️ connector with titanium coating


The most intelligent centaur in Greek mythology was a sought-after teacher for heroes. He has been called "the wisest and most just of all centaurs". With his knowledge, he resided in seclusion on Mount Pelion, where he studied and learned in his cave.

In me the tiger sniffs the rose

Tiger and rose are in every human being, whoever masters the balance between them is the truly strong one.

The bespoke EA 'C' Titan Slider was inspired by CHIRON's capital 'C'. Combined with the addition of gem cutting modeling technology, the result is nothing short of natural.

The simple and sophisticated design of CHIRON consists of a matt sandblasted titanium connector housing with carbon fibers and a ConX® interchangeable connector with a titanium sleeve.

Similar to a humble hermit whose light has been hidden. And yet he is the center of attention with his talent and potential.

Hermits are the strong in their pursuit of perfection

The first use of EA UltraFlexi Insulation - Matte Clear Black material creates a relatively soft, wide surface, which derives the pressure around the ear. It brings comfort without sacrificing stability.

Equipped with a standard ConX ®️ interchangeable plug, CHIRON offers more options for changes.

Custom Y-Split Design (2023 Version)

Featuring a custom Y-Split design crafted from the finest titanium and carbon fibers This 2023 revised design has been revised several times to keep the core of the design.