Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)
Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)

Effect Audio Ares S 8W - 4.4mm + 2-PIN (ConX)

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Ares 8W

  • An 8-wire version of our fan-favorite Ares S with 4. 4mm plug & exchangeable ConX 2-PIN Connector


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Ares S 8W

Effect Audio Ares S 8W Review — Headfonics

The Unleashed Power

The Greek god of war is fearsome, relentless and strong. Hungry for constant combat, he brings out an immense sense of POWER in all his battles.

Signature Series

Featuring a proprietary dual geometric design, the ARES S offers enhanced sound characterized by a warm voice that is both mesmerizing and alluring. With an improved frequency response, the ARES S presents itself as a lush and soulful cable that is cleaner and more detailed.

Signature Series

Just like the almighty sword with which the god of war shatters the toughest armor of his enemies, the ARES S reveals the deepest emotions and soul of music. Let yourself be carried away by the power of ARES S and submit to its hypnotic pull.

Signature Series


Effect Audio Ares S

ConX-ready with 2-pin connector included.


  • Select premium UP-OCC copper strand
  • Proprietary dual geometric design
  • EPO* 24 AWG 4 wires
  • EA Ultra Flexi™ Insulation
  • ConX™ interchangeable connector
  • Rhodium-plated brass plug, straight version

Signature Series

Classics Reborn: Enjoy the Greatness

Creating an exceptional foundation series is no easy task. We wanted to use our decades of experience and research to create exceptional value, and what could be better than paying homage to our iconic ARES II.

We then looked at the material and technology used for the legendary copper of the ARES II. We've turned the knob all the way up and are proud to bring the world an improved and optimized sound that not only sounds phenomenal, but is also easy on the wallet.

The Signature Series ships with ConX-compatible 2-pin connectors.

The three factor focus for this series revolves around sound, material & design


For this new series we are emphasizing our brand - Effect Audio - as a testament to great sound. Many economical options have emerged over the years and we are eager and confident to show that with our experience we have what it takes to offer exceptional value while exceeding the sonic expectations of an entry-level cable.


As we approach sound design and push the limits of what our cables can achieve sonically at the given price point, we have ensured that only the highest quality materials are used. By applying the lessons we've learned from our flagship models and the experience we've gained over the years, we're able to design and execute new superior cable geometries and structures to achieve audio quality worthy of Effect Audio's seal of approval.


To offer our customers even greater value, we proudly designed a custom Y-split and termination just for this series. From the complexity of the multi-sided polished/brushed aluminum blend to the rugged beauty of the forged carbon fiber, the design team spared no effort to create an aesthetic that is a feast for the eyes.