DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs
DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs
DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs
DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs
DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs
DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs

DITA Audio Perpetua - Flagship Single DD IEMs

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A true 10th anniversary flagship

Even in its tenth year of existence, DITA strives to offer audio enthusiasts the highest level of musical enjoyment. Particularly important in this time of change and upheaval. Where joy in the small details is an important matter.

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary with Perpetua, our new flagship. Perpetua symbolizes everything it means for us to evolve as a brand and was born from the love of sound and music and the desire to execute these things to perfection.

Perpetua marks a milestone, a generational change in DITAs Product range. With an organic, ergonomic housing shape. An improved, compact Generation 2 of our Awesome Plug interchangeable plug system. And a 12mm driver for bigger, better sound.

Kondo Audionote Japan's internal silver wiring is the cherry on the cake.

It's a reminder to us and to you that we are here and here to stay. That we are still the enthusiasts you grew up with. We build good audio products that convey both music and emotions.

Perpetua retains all the important DITA characteristics: careful workmanship, expert tuning and sophisticated technology. His incredible sense of space, size and detail makes memories and emotions tangible.



"Dita Audio Perpetua is a special single dynamic IEM. From the packaging to the material quality and the sound, it's a unique piece in the market. It certainly provides a fantastic experience overall. Dita paid extra attention to detail when it came to build quality and packaging. You can tell, that they wanted to give their customers the absolute experience. And there's absolutely nothing anyone could say against that because the build and packaging are almost 100% spot on."

The mid-range is one of the best in the market in terms of timbre, realism and musicality. The soundstage is something special for a single dynamic. The Dita Perpetua is an IEM that needs time to appreciate properly. But once you understand its qualities, it's difficult to take it out of your ears. The technical performance could’ve been stronger for the premium asking price, but it offers a special adventure to music.

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About Audio Reviews

Verdicts – It is to enjoy the “music”.

"In case you're still struggling to get through with the thought of only having one driver for such a highly-priced IEM, I must tell you that you are yet to experience the inviolable naturality and precision of a zenith-level diaphragm, which are hard to be done with multi-driver IEMs. Although flagship IEMs come in all shapes and forms with an extreme level of performance, naturality is a field in which a single DD still firmly holds the ground."

Dita Audio Perpetua Review: Timeless - About Audio Reviews


"If you’re looking for a velvety sound that balances powerful bass with excellent midrange definition and timbre, the Perpetua is without equal."

DITA Perpetua Review – Timeless | The Headphone List



  • New PPT-D 12mm driver
  • DITA's new coil/over cable: PCOCC copper conductors with specially arranged signal and return paths
  • Internal wiring from Kondo Audionote Japan
  • The second generation of DITA's Awesome Plug
  • Universal 2-pin compatibility
  • A unique storage box