Dethonray Pegasus SG1 Special Edition - Mobile DAC/Amp with Bluetooth

Dethonray Pegasus SG1 Special Edition - Mobile DAC/Amp with Bluetooth

CHF 499.00
Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Special Edition Upgrades

The SG1 Special Edition is a limited version where the 3.5mm interfaces have been removed from the design and only 4.4mm interfaces have been retained.

Compared to the standard version, resetting the LPF circuit greatly improves the sound quality.

Driver power reaches 4Vrms. The output of the normal version is 1.1Vrms. It can easily drive popular IEMs at low gain and headphones at high gain.

The SG1 SE is only available in Gold.
Dethonry SG1 SE

Mobile DAC/Amp with Bluetooth


"I've never been a fan of wireless ”audiophile” products. I always think that there should be some kind of a drawback with the sound quality. This is the first time that I think about actually using a wireless DAC at work or when commuting. The ease of use is hard to overlook, and you actually get a killer sound quality from a BT device."

Dethonray Pegasus SG1 Review - Headfonia Reviews

Audio Circuit Design

DPPU (Desktop Plus Power Unit

DPPU adopts a dual power supply system tailored for high-density batteries, designed for high-fidelity while maintaining the separation of digital and analog power supplies to eliminate digital circuit noise from the source, similar to an upgraded DAP+ amplifier system , but with a minimal path and brazed connections without compromise.

The charging circuit has been redesigned to reduce circuit noise and ensure that charging and playing at the same time does not affect the sound quality.

SG1 Power Design:

Normal Theme:

Continuous advances in Bluetooth technology, development of aptx HD and LDAC protocols have made wireless audio quality better and better.

According to the characteristics of the Bluetooth digital signal output, the SG1 selects an appropriate DAC, a well-designed LPF and a headphone amplification circuit to match the wireless sound with the wired sound performance.

Software Design

Adjust the firmware according to the DAC and LPF circuit.
Different timbres by firmware instead of different accessories.

Interface Design & CMF

The unique design of the volume control brings you an excellent operating experience. The optimization of the Touch & Feel algorithm ensures smooth and precise volume control.


Input Bluetooth
Output 44 Balanced
Bluetooth audio transmission format support:
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
THD 0.06%
SNR 104db
Single End 2.9V(32Ω)
Balanced 2.8V(32Ω)
DAC chip ES9038Q2M
Chassis CNC aluminum alloy
Dimensions 117.5 x 59.2 x 16(mm)
Weight 186g
Battery Life 4.4mm:6 hours
Charging 5V 2A/3.5 Hours
Battery 2000mAH