Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier
Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier
Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier
Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier
Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier

Dethonray HONEY H1 - mobile DAC/headphone amplifier

CHF 829.00

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High End USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

"Giving life to your music collection is the one and only objective for every Dethonray product. "

This claim by Dethonray says it all. This is about having fun with the music, emotions, joie de vivre. And that is exactly what the Honey H1 is particularly good at.
This mobile DAC/amp conveys the joy of music, is compact, works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer and is easy to use.

A real all-rounder that gets everything out of your in-ears and headphones. Because despite its size, there is plenty of power.


"In my opinion, the Dethonray Honey H1 is one of the best portable DAC/Amplifiers in the market right now. The key part here is the synergy. Together with great output power, the sound quality is also exceptional. It's almost like a Hugo1 in 2021 with a smaller form factor. " - Berkhan, Headfonia

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"Musical sound that is engaging with good technicalities, very powerful, exceptionally clean background, great build quality, great looks, super versatile and drives anything from the most sensitive IEMs to higher impedance, full-size headphones, competitive price considering its performance. " - Alex, Twister 6

Dethonray Honey H1 – Twister6 Reviews

". when it comes down to the most important aspects of the sound, the Honey H1 soars. It brings a considerable amount of energy to a host of IEMs and highlights a pleasing amount of details. " - Alex Schiffer, MajorHifi

Dethonray Honey H1 Review - Major HiFi

Audio Circuit Design

Based on professional audio circuit design, we strive to create a better sense of hearing and put the rationality of technology at the service of music sensitivity.

In the process of R&D, our team makes every effort to improve AK4497 DAC and AMP circuit. Especially the balanced interface, the analog circuit design, maintain the high density of the sound, lively and full of passion, finally, the beauty of the music can come out again.

DPPU(Desktop Plus Power Unit):

DPPU adopts a dual high-density battery system designed for high-fidelity while ensuring the separation of digital and analog power to eliminate digital circuit noise from the source, similar to an upgraded DAP+ amplifier system but with a minimal path and brazed connections without compromise.

Interaction design

A volume potentiometer was selected and a touch & feel algorithm was implemented in the software system, with which not only the volume can be conveniently adjusted, but also channel deviations in different volume ranges, which occur with long-term use, are avoided.

Mechanical Design

Precision-machined from lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, the Honey H1 is effectively isolated from EMI interference and ensures a clean background on playback.

Precise and professional stack design ensures good heat dissipation and perfect electrical properties.


INPUT INTERFACE: USB1: Type C Data USB2:Type C Power
OUTPUT INTERFACE: 3. 5 single ends/4. 4 Balanced/Line Out Optical
DIMENSIONS: 137x70x19(mm)
WEIGHT: 256g
BATTERY LIFT: 3. 5 Single End/10 Hours 4. 4 Balanced/8 Hours
S/N: 116db
THD: 0. 01%
OUTPUT: 3. 5mm single ended: 6. 4V/32ohm
4. 4mm balanced: 6. 4V/300ohm