Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs
Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs
Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs
Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs
Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs
Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs

Craft Ears Omnium - Flagship Tribrid IEMs

CHF 2,499.00

Delivery time approx. 1 week.
Available as universal and custom IEMs.

Omnium Universal

CraftEars Omnium

The Omnium is the new flagship in-ear monitor from Craft Ears and is designed for both professional musicians and discerning audiophiles. The Omnium represents the pinnacle of audio engineering and offers unparalleled sound quality and craftsmanship.

It combines a custom-crafted Planar Magnetic Driver for wonderfully natural voices, a Dynamic Driver for deep, contoured bass and 5 Balanced Armatures for airy upper mids and an extremely detailed, silky treble.


Everyday Listening

"Craft Ears has achieved not only top-level extension from their spoutless tweeters but also a desirable and balanced tonality free of big peaks and drops. This results in massive detail retrieval and presence. The soundstage is also a standout benefitting equally from large dimensions and excellent separation...I commend Craft Ears on their creation which deserves my highest recommendation for those valuing all-around transparency alongside standout technical ability."

Craft Ears Omnium Review – New Kid In Town – Everyday Listening


Ear Fidelity

"If you find the perfect combination of the source and ear tips and match it with the Omnium, you might as well grab a broom – it might be helpful in picking up your jaw from the floor. The Craft Ears Omnium is a very easy recommendation for me, no matter the music you like to enjoy since they reproduce the sounds effortlessly with flying colors. If I could attach a video to this review, it would be a standing ovation. Highly recommended. "

Craft Ears Omnium Review • Made To Impress (

The art of listening, redefined

The Omnium features a unique and advanced driver setup that ensures balanced sound characteristics across the entire frequency range. A single 9.2mm LSR dynamic driver ensures deep and powerful bass, while a 10mm planar driver ensures the articulation and naturalness of the mids. The high mids are handled by a symmetrical armature, while two more symmetrical armatures are responsible for the highs and two more for the super high frequencies. This configuration ensures that every detail in your music is accurately captured and reproduced.

The Omnium uses a tubeless design with specially tuned acoustic chambers and resonators. Combined with the innovative SES 3.0 (Space Expanse System) and True Load (Flat Impedance) technology, this guarantees a wide soundstage and consistent performance across different devices.

The earphones are made of a 3D printed housing special waveguides that optimize sound reproduction. The faceplates are a work of art, available in an 18k gold plated mirror finish in a unique over-edge design with a carbon fiber insert.

The Omnium stands out with its unique driver configuration, high-end design and its exceptional sound signature stands out from the crowded in-ear monitor market. The quality of the included cable enhances the listening experience even further, making the Omnium a must-have for audio enthusiasts.

Craft Ears is a leader in the design and manufacture of professional in-ear monitors, delivering products that meet the high Meet the needs of musicians and audio enthusiasts around the world.With its commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, Craft Ears continues to set new standards in the audio industry.

Craft Ears Omnium


  • 1x10mm planar driver (center)
  • 1x 9.2mm Dynamic Driver (Bass)
  • 2x BA (upper midrange), 2x BA (treble), 2x BA (super treble)
  • Frequency range: 8Hz -40kHz
  • Impedance: 12 ohms
  • Proprietary technologies: True Load(TM) and SES(TM) 3.0
  • Crossover: 6-way
  • Isolation: -26dB