ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM
ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM

ORIVETI O800 - Premium 8 BA HiFi IEM

CHF 799.00

Delivery time 1-2 weeks.


Flagship 8BA In-Ear Monitor

The new O series, our pure BA model series.We tried to make it perfect from the start. The result is Oriveti's new flagship model, the O800.


The sound of the O800 reflects the new direction of the O series, striving for sophisticated sounds, but at the same time adopts the characteristic sound of the ORIVETI, which is a luxurious, deep sound.

The sound of the O800, which is balanced and natural and creates the impression of music, is the result of years of research to give you the impression of listening to music anytime, anywhere in the best location of a world-class concert hall.


  • Handmade resin headphone case
  • 8 BA Driver Technology
  • Handmade Class 8 Wires (Silver Plated Copper) Braided Detachable Cables
  • Perfect natural and balanced sound


A masterpiece of craftsmanship

The new O800 case is designed to be more ergonomic, based on previous user data. Only up to 2 pieces can be produced per day as all O800 are made by the hands of the main artisan in Oriveti. All O800 cases are manufactured using the same process as a custom in-ear monitor - carefully crafted, polarized and delivered to the customer.


The 8 BA drivers used in the O800 consist of 3-way bass BA x2, mid BA x4 and high BA x2.

The bass BAs are from Knowles, and the mid BAs and high BAs are our own drivers, as there were no ready-made drivers with the response we wanted. So we developed it ourselves.

Selected, developed and tested for the best sound, each driver plays ultra-low, mid and high tones perfectly.


The 8 drivers are also connected to a finely tuned crossover that completes the sound Oriveti is aiming for.


The semi-open opening on the front panel removes pressure from the cabinet interior without compromising sound insulation, improving durability and portability and creating a natural, open sound image.


The metal nozzle with convex ends is designed to act as a waveguide so that sound from a small 3-way bore creates a radiation pattern that is close to the array speaker. The nozzle is made of aerodynamic aluminum.

AZLA SednaEarfit™ Xelastec

AZLA's new Xelastec earbuds provide a comfortable fit like a custom-made earbud with its automatic adjustment system that adapts its shape to the user's body temperature. Its shape also fits well with the O800's Diffuser Wave Guide to maximize sound performance.

Handmade 8 core braided SPC cable

The Oriveti 8-core silver-plated copper cable is made of high-quality, low-resistance materials to ensure that there is no loss through the cable, thereby increasing the transmission power of sound. We used a new 0.78mm 2-pin connector, which is more durable and versatile than the MMCX.


  • Driver: 8 Balanced Armatures 
  • Impedance: 15 ohms
  • Frequency response: 10~40KHz
  • Sensitivity: 110+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
  • Distortion: <1%
  • Cable: Handcrafted class 8 wires made of silver-plated copper with 2-pin connector
  • Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plugCable: 1.2 M

O800 contents.jpg

Premium package with great accessories. The ORIVETI O800 are a premium product, so users with high-quality headphones can expect an extensive set of accessories. It includes: high quality hand braided silver plated copper cable, high quality leather case, adapter and different types of earplugs to choose from.

The package contains

  • Headphone housing - 1 pair
  • 8-core detachable cable - 1 pc.
  • Leather carrier bag - 1 piece
  • S, M, L silicone tips - 2 pairs per size
  • Foam tips M - 2 pairs
  • Double flange tips - 2 pairs
  • Cleaning tool - 1 piece
  • 6.35mm to 3.5mm plug - 1 pc.
  • AZLA SednaEarfit™ Xelastec - SS, S, MS - 1 pair per size