Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp
Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp

Burson Timekeeper 3X Grand Tourer - Mono Block Power Amp

CHF 3,999.00

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Timekeeper GT MonoBlock Speaker Amplifier

  • High current Class-AB outputting 30 of its 180 watts in pure Class-A.
  • Fully discrete and direct-coupled circuits with a fully differential input stage.
  • One amplifier per channel to avoid interference between channels.
  • Power: 180W@4ohm - 110W@8ohm
  • Idle power: 100W
  • approx. 5kg / 11lbs
  • 255mm x 270mm x 70mm

Scope of delivery

  • Timekeeper GT mono amplifier pair (2 pieces)
  • Custom 210W Burson Super-Chargers (one per device)
  • GT Accent Cooling Stand (one per device)
  • 12V chain launch cable (one per unit)

Break the neuro association

Old-school car enthusiasts associate the deep rumble with performance. Also, we assume that a barista in a leather apron and arm tattoos makes better coffee.

Class A and Class AB amplifiers are the tried and tested gold standards. But unfortunately, the traditional design route inevitably makes them look like finned ice chests. That's how audiophiles have been conditioned to love eyesore for over 100 years!

Family may love to help unpack such dead weights, but don't expect them to appreciate the visual impact on their family space.

Burson's breakthrough in power supply technology allows our amplifiers to bypass the transformer, linear power supply and huge power caps. Additionally, the elimination of these legacy technologies and their limitations results in superior sonic performance. The result is that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, we outperform all transformer-based amps.

The Timekeeper GT is our working-class hero. He's here to take on the industry's aristocrats and shake up the sleepy speaker amp industry.

The Golden Sound

Pure Class A amps are ideal because they don't exhibit the crossover distortion found in Class B or Class D amps. The resulting organic, responsive sound is arguably the best.

Class A amplifier manufacturers, however, face two challenges: power supply stress and heat dissipation. With the traditional linear power supply, the resulting Class A amplifier is inevitably heavy due to the size of the transformer and cooling fins, and the lack of drive power.

Class AB outputs the first few watts in Class A and the rest in Class B off. Because it is more efficient, it can deliver more drive power. But the more watts that are output in Class-A, the lower the distortion and the better it sounds.

The Timekeeper GT is a Class-AB amplifier. With our patented Max Current Power Supper (MCPS) and innovative cooling, it outputs significantly more watts in Class-A than the competition while looking sexy in any living space.

The silent counter

Idle power is an important performance indicator when comparing Class AB amplifiers with similar performance. The higher the idle power, the more power it delivers in pure Class-A.But traditionally, that also means a larger transformer, bigger cooling fins, more power semiconductors, and skyrocketing production and shipping costs. That's why some elite hyper amps proudly claim this spec, but most in the industry keep a low profile.

The TK-GT draws 100W at idle and spits out the first 30W in pure Class-A. The result is a luscious voice and sparkling highs previously reserved for only a lucky few. The rest of the 180 watts drives each loudspeaker to its full dynamics.

The puristic circuit

The GT is a fully discrete design with no integrated circuits (ICs) in the audio path. Our discrete Vivid operator gives it a distinctive Burson house sound that's detailed, textured and layered.

Its direct-coupling circuit features a fully differential input stage.
By not using a transformer or coupling cap in its The GT achieves the highest possible dynamic signal path.

Because the TK-GT is also an independently operated monoblock, interference between the channels is avoided and a larger soundstage with a pure black background is generated.
Audio design couldn't be more fanatical!

Maximum current, minimum noise!

A power transformer is a coil of wire with a very high resistance (impedance) that limits the current output. In addition, it oscillates at 50 Hz and thus generates noise in the audible range. Therefore, in traditional linear power supplies, the quality of the transformer directly affects the response and noise floor.

The TK-GT is the latest milestone in our power supply revolution, and our proprietary Max Current Power Supply (MCPS) is the Reason the TK-GT can be lifted with one hand and still perform at its best.

A newly developed 210W Burson Super Charger converts the noisy 50Hz mains current into a clean, quiet DC current with almost no impedance. Additionally, the TK-GT's internal MCPS boosts the operating frequency of the voltage to over 170Khz, making any residual noise beyond human hearing.

GT Cool.

Since each component operates within a specific temperature range, regardless of the environment, active cooling gives us the freedom to push the GT to its performance limit.

In combination with our unique cool case, we use the quietest fan from Noctua in Austria to reduce wind noise. It's quieter than an empty recording studio and quieter than most power transformers in traditional amplifiers, which vibrate at a more audible frequency.

The complete package

With XLR and RCA inputs and two stages of gain, the GT is a perfect match for all preamps and speakers of any sensitivity.

The included cool stand ensures that the GT looks and stays cool in any room.

The 210 watt super charger was specially developed for the TK-GT. Its smaller 72 and 120 watt siblings are in high demand at $300-400.Here we bring you the biggest and best charger - for free!

Dawn of a new age

Imagine a sound-enhanced home theater Cables as thick as pythons weave across a floor on which huge monoblocks stand in perfect formation, each resting on its custom-designed marble slab. This used to be an audiophile's ultimate dream.

Thanks to advances in technology, you can now get that audio performance without the ugly stuff. How much better is this habitat? A new era of music enjoyment has arrived, and we invite you to experience it with the Timekeeper Grand Tourer.