Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp
Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp

Burson Audio Conductor 3X GT - Balanced "Supercar" DAC/Amp

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Burson Conductor 3X GT: (with remote control)

  • Fully balanced dual ESS9038 DAC.
  • 10Wpc XLR and 5Wpc single-ended headphone amp / preamp
  • Two gain levels, suitable for headphones from 60db to 108db sensitivity.
  • Differential and fully discrete signaling pathways
  • High current Class-A with Burson Vivid Opamps.
  • 2 X XLR inputs / 2 X RCA inputs, USB, optical, coaxial and Bluetooth inputs
  • Preamp / DAC line-level outputs / subwoofer output
  • Native Streaming DSD512 / 768Khz PCM
  • 96Khz BlueTooth input
  • Roon tested
  • Mic input for games

The Deluxe Pack

The Deluxe Pack includes the Conductor 3/3XGT with a Burson Super Charger 5A and a matching Cool Stand.

Burson Super Charger 5A. Increases the performance of the GTs by an additional 15% by providing a clean DC power supply.

The Cool Stand allows the device to be placed vertically. Look cool, stay cool, and save desktop space—all at once.

    Flagships that have been in development for 15 years

    Forged over 15 years of experience, the Burson Conductors GTs are the 7th generation of our most iconic product. Once again, they redefine performance, functionality and aesthetics.

    The Conductor 3/3X GTs feature the same digital section with two ESS9038 DAC chips. However, the unique Burson sound is further enhanced with a new discrete output stage.

    In contrast, their analog amplifier circuits are very different and each optimized for their purposes.

    By combining our proprietary technologies like MCPS, Burson op amps and high current amplification with the result of our cooperation with industry partners like Roon and Thesycon we make the Conductor 3/3X GTs very special!

    Optimized for Balanced

    The Conductor 3X GT optimizes balanced XLR audio performance with a fully differential and discrete signal path. With an output of 10W balanced and 5W unbalanced, it has the power to drive any pair of headphones and enough inputs and outputs to be the command center of any audio system.

    Optimized for Single Ended

    The Conductor 3 GT is optimized from the ground up for single-ended operation with a shorter signal path and fewer active components. By using a more powerful transistor, it delivers 10W to single-ended headphones. With double the working current, this puristic design is the ultimate for any single-ended audio system!

    Not all DACs sound the same

    Nowadays, DACs from different brands can sound identical if they use the same DAC chip. That's because they use the same standard (publicly available) circuits provided by the DAC chip manufacturers. This approach reduces the time, cost and risk of research and development. These DACs also use similar components, operational amplifiers, power supplies, and working voltages. The resulting sound is inevitably generic.

    In the Conductor 3/3X GTs, we designed a new output stage to take advantage of the wide bandwidth of our Vivid op amps combined with our proprietary Max Current power supply, our unique house sound reaches a new level of detail and Tonality.

    Advanced digital technology

    Its digital interface is the most advanced and comprehensive, from the XMOS USB receiver to the Qualcomm Bluetooth module.

    The Xmos USB receiver features a custom driver from Thesycon, Germany, and offers unmatched processing power and accuracy, enabling perfect streaming of DSD512 and 32bit/768khz audio.

    Also features he via a Bluetooth 5.0 receiver Qualcomm/CSR8675 [+] with an aptX HD Audio & LDAC codec. Bluetooth playback surpasses CD quality and usability at the highest level.

    Smooth control

    The all-new OLED screen and interface program provide a reassuring and intuitive user experience. Machined from solid aluminum, the GT Red knob offers the finest control and a luxurious feel.

    The power supply of the GT

    The beating heart of the Conductor GTs are five sets of Burson Max Current Power Supplies. We push these MCPS to the limit of their potential. So much so that they draw 90 watts when idling and need active cooling.

    Despite spitting out 10 watts, the GTs aren't looking for performance. Instead, they strive for purity!

    Optimized but customizable!

    Burson Vivid discrete op amps are considered the best and are used in countless recording studios, and our GTs use the Vivid op amps to achieve incredible transparency.

    You can still bring your own preferences, by changing op amps to create your own listening experience.

    GT Cool.

    Our Burson Cool Case is already the most oversized heat sink in a headphone amp. Nevertheless, we have introduced active cooling for the GT.

    Since every component works in a certain temperature range, regardless of the environment, active cooling gives us the freedom to push the GT to its performance limit.

    By combining its resonance-free enclosure with the quietest fan you can buy from Noctua in Austria, the GT is quieter than the background noise of your music.

    Fully differential audio paths

    V6 Vivid discrete op amps are considered the best and are used in countless recording studios.

    The Conductor GT uses 6 Vivid op amps in its fully differential output stage, achieving incredible transparency.
    Nevertheless, you can bring in your own preferences by changing the amplifiers and creating your own listening experience.

    Head+Sub mode. Excuse me!?

    We feel the sound just as we hear it. Before headphones were invented, listening to music was a whole-body experience.

    It's not just what your ears hear, it's all the energy your body feels and moves your soul.

    Headphone listening reaches a new dimension with a carefully tuned and placed subwoofer. The GTs enable this experience with Head+Sub mode.

    Go to your Roon!

    Roon is the most popular streaming and HD music management platform for audiophiles. Burson is part of this amazing ecosystem.

    Our DACs are Roon tested and connect seamlessly with any third party Roon Ready audio streamer.

    What GT?

    Both dream machines will put a big smile on your face.

    The Conductor 3X GT will take your breath away with its dynamics and deep immersion in micro-details. In comparison, the 3-GT relaxes your shoulders with its superior tonality.

    If the Conductor 3X GT is a car, then it's the one that gives you the microseconds you need to win every time ! It conquers the curves and lets you feel the road as if you were walking barefoot on it!

    With the Conductor 3 GT, you can listen to your favorite song again, look up and find out for driving down the Great Ocean Road!