Aroma Audio Fei Wan - Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio Fei Wan - Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio Fei Wan - Flagship IEM

Aroma Audio Fei Wan - Flagship IEM

CHF 4,599.00

Available for pre-order now. Available November 2023.


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"FEI WAN" is the new flagship and sub-brand of AROMA Audio, named after the founder's similar-sounding nickname "Fei Hun". The name means "Flying Soul".

Fei Wan consists of 10 balanced armature drivers and 2 dynamic 9.2mm drivers. Drivers with a unique patented technology called "Coaxial Strong Magnetic Phase Pair Double Dynamic Drivers Technology". With this technology, the magnetic polarity and the coil polarity of one of the dynamic drivers are reversed, resulting in improved sound density and dynamics.

Aroma Audio Fei Wan

Aroma Audio Fei Wan

The cable used is the "Sparkle" from AROMA Audio with 0.78 2-pin plugs and 4 .4 mm connector made of silver-plated oxygen-free copper is used. The 3D printed case is designed for stability and comfort and has a distinctive CM-style design.

The overall sound of the "FEI WAN" features balanced frequency response, high sound separation and good sound positioning, making it suitable for a variety of music genres.



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"In my opinion the best aroma I have listened to." Fabio19 -
  • Great sound quality
  • Bass full-bodied and very structured
  • Balanced and well-defined midrange
  • High Range: Never heard an Aroma sound so good high range.

Aroma FEI WAN | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -


Technical data

  • 12 drivers with 4-way switch
  • 2x 9.2mm low frequency dynamic driver
  • 4 medium frequency (BA), 4 medium high frequency (BA), 2 high frequency (BA)
  • Impedance of 18Ω at 1KHz,
  • Sensitivity of 103dB SPL @ 100m V RMS,
  • Noise isolation of 26dB (CM),
  • Frequency response of 20-20KHz.