Happy Easter Sale

We wish all our customers and manufacturers a Happy Easter!

And of course there are a few nice offers for the festival.

There is a 10% discount on the following products that are in stock (while stocks last)

Valid until April 1st, 2024. The discount will be automatically deducted at checkout.


Auris Audio Nirvana IV - Flagship tube headphone amplifier

1x available from stock.


Auris Audio HA-2SE+ - Balanced tube headphone amplifier

1x available from stock


Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II ROON - 2TB Silver

1x available from stock.


Mytek Liberty DAC II - DAC • Headphone Amplifier

1x available from stock.


EarMen ST-Amp - Fully Balanced DAC / Headphone Amp / Preamp

1x available from stock.


Dethonray Pegasus SG1 Special Edition - Mobile DAC/Amp with Bluetooth

3x available from stock


INEAR StageDiver 5 - Universal In-Ear Monitor

1x available from stock.


Hiby R6 Pro II - Dual AK4499EX+Single AK4191 Premium DAP

1x black & 1x violet from stock available.

HiBy R6 GEN III - Class A Premium DAP (Android 12)

2x silver, 1x black & 1x blue available from stock.


Hiby R5 (Gen 2) - Class A Android DAP

3x from stock available.



Hiby FC6 - High-End R2R Audio USB dongle 

6x available from stock.



Cayin RU7 - 1 Bit DSD Dongle

8x available from stock.



Audio Essence "Nova" - Premium IEM Cable

5x available from stock.