Unique Melody Mini MEST - Hybrid Premium IEM
Unique Melody Mini MEST - Hybrid Premium IEM
Unique Melody Mini MEST - Hybrid Premium IEM

Unique Melody Mini MEST - Hybrid Premium IEM

CHF 699.00

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Color is black/red! (Black/Blue is sold out)

Open Air Balanced Armature Drivers X Bone Conduction Driver HIFI IEMs

Unique Melody Mini MEST


Headfonics Audio Reviews


Unique Melody MEST & MEST Mini Review — Headfonics

"The Mini MEST is just as special as the MEST in this regard: it performs incredibly well for the price it is selling for and it easily beats many monitors in its price class with it's engaging tuning and bone conduction experience.

I'm not the biggest fan of universal fit IEMs, but this one is so good that I have to give it our Recommended Buy award. To the Best Buy list it goes!"

Unique Melody - UM Mini Mest Review - Headfonia Reviews

Bone Conduction Sonic Engine

Mini MEST uses the bone conduction technology of the original MEST to improve midrange and vocal performance.

Unlike the traditional approach to tuning, bone conduction technology is able to transmit specific sound frequencies through the bones of your skull directly to your Transmitting inner ears, which are processed by the vibration of the inner shell. The sound path is as follows: sound signal - bone conduction vibrator - cranial bone - cochlea - auditory nerve.

Knowles custom-made Open-Air Balanced Armature Drivers

Mini MEST uses Knowles' custom built open-air balanced armature drivers. These BA drivers have wide-open front cavities that allow them to transmit sound with no internal tunnels. The sound signature of open-air BA drivers is similar to that of dynamic drivers. They sound more natural and forgiving than traditional BA drivers.


High-precision DLP case printing: We applied dark blue resin shells to Mini MEST, which make Mini MEST aesthetically beautiful and practical comfortable.

Two-tone hand-made carbon fiber faceplate: We used the classic carbon fiber faceplates on Mini MEST, which were also used on our flagship Mason V3+, Mentor V3+ and the original MEST.

Recommended Genres

We made some adjustments to the Mini MEST based on customer reviews of the original MEST. Mini MEST is best suited for the following genres:

  • Pop/Soul/Jazz/Blues/Rock
  • Acoustic/Classic


  • Number of drivers: 4
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Impedance: 23Ω
  • Sensitivity: 113dB@1KHz
  • Driver combo: open air BA driver + bone conduction driver
  • Driver configuration: 1 bass + 1 mid + 1 treble + 1 bone conduction

Scope of delivery & accessories

  • Headphones: Mini MEST a pair
  • Cable: 4 strands of silver-plated copper cable
  • External packaging: UM classic black case
  • Carrying Case: Custom made blue leather case crafted by Dignis
  • Warranty: Mini-MEST Guarantee Card
  • Eartips: S/M/L
  • Other: Gray premium scouring pad