Unique Melody Mentor V3+ - 12 BA High-End IEM

Unique Melody Mentor V3+ - 12 BA High-End IEM

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Mentor V3+


Headfonics Audio Reviews

UM Mentor V3+

Unique Melody Mentor V3+ Review — Headfonics

"Updated carbon fiber shell design, titanium-gold sound tubes, 8-wire dual-tone premium cable which can be switched between silver and copper sides, DB-GO bass adjustment module, quality accessories."

Unique Melody UM Mason v3+ and Mentor v3+ – Twister6 Reviews

Audio Primate

"The Unique Melody Mentor v3 is a star. It has an engaging signature with lots of customization in the box with the dB-GO module and the twin pure silver and pure copper cables crafted into a singular cable.

The sound is open with impressive depth, width, resolution and speed. These handle complex arrangements well and justify their additional expense versus competitors in the same price range with additional technical capability.

Some additional advancements in ergonomics would level these up even further. The flexibility of the signature is the cherry on top of an already delicious audio cake."

Unique Melody Mentor V3 Review: brilliantly balanced and imminently flexible – Audio Primate

Why carbon fiber for V3+?

Soft: Tensile strength is 10 times that of steel

Strong:Stronger than acrylic shells, less likely to break when dropped

Inert:low thermal expansion, more corrosion resistant, better insulation against electrostatic noise


  • High quality
  • High Resolution
  • Living Voices
  • More detailed than V3, finer and more transparent at high frequencies

Mentor V3+ SPECS:    

  • Frequency range:20Hz-30KHz
  • Sensitivity:@1KHz 113dB
  • Impedance:18.9Ω
  • Number of drivers:12BA
  • Crossover:4-way crossover
  • Driver configuration:4 low+2 medium low+2 medium high+4 high

Standard cable

A mixture of silver, copper and other rare minerals

Upgrade Cable

UPOCC Palladium Plated Silver (PPS) and a custom EA alloy blend of gold, silver and palladium.

Titanium Box

Case: Mate

Case: Glossy