Supra Cables

Quality on all levels

Supra Cables has been around since 1976 and we see ourselves as a pioneer in cables.

The fundamental difference between us and our high-end competition is that we are in a price segment that some believe simply cannot provide enough sound quality. We in Sweden grew up with the innate attitude that if you offer something and charge money for it, you better make sure it's worth it - at Supra Cables we call that no-nonsense!


After our dramatic launch, we have launched numerous products based on the no-nonsense concept, most of them awarded "Best in Test", "Best Buy", "Priceworthy", etc. How can we do that? be inexpensive? Well, first of all, we develop and manufacture all cables ourselves. We use the highest material standards, which are noticeable in terms of sound, but nothing more.

We are electrical engineers working with renowned Swedish universities and we have in-depth knowledge of the physical construction of a cable to avoid adverse sound behavior. Take a look at our cables and you will understand - no mysterious box and battery in any of our products. We don't have to compensate for anything, it's sound-safe right from the start. And, we hear music, not sound!

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