Spirit Torino

Uncompromising, customizable headphones for live music enjoyment.

Spirit Torino has its origins in the deep passion for music and the experience that Andrea Ricci, head of the company, has gained over several years of recording concerts at the Polytechnic Institute of Turin and in various musical societies in the Turin cultural area.

Spirit Torino's only goal is to reproduce music through headphones in a way that is as close as possible to the live event. That's why every component of the headphones is designed from the ground up to deliver maximum performance without compromise.

"We wanted to think of our products as unique works to be proud of, to own and to cherish over time. From the packaging designed by architect Walter Carzan, to the Portento Audio wiring and the Each headphone has a unique language that combines performance, material quality and design with the highest Italian manufacturing standards."

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Info: phone +39 329 8505898
Email: andrea@spiritsoundesign.com