Satin Audio

Upgrade headphone cable and in-ear cable of the highest quality

We are all audiophiles, always looking for the best music reproduction. One of the most important ways to improve the quality of audio equipment is through cable upgrades. However, audio cables from famous brands often come with high prices that the majority of Vietnamese audiophiles cannot afford.
That's why we founded Satin Audio with the vision to manufacture high quality, custom-made audio cables at a competitive price for our domestic customers.

Besides supplying products for Vietnamese audiophiles, our vision is to offer our high quality products at affordable prices to the overseas market as well. Our brand, Satin, is named after a luxurious fabric material. Satin fabric is currently used to make the modern version of the traditional Vietnamese long dress. Also, the letter "S" in our logo represents the shape of our homeland, where Satin Audio's story begins.

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