SAEQ PDA-1b dual headphone amplifier
SAEQ PDA-1b dual headphone amplifier
SAEQ PDA-1b dual headphone amplifier
SAEQ PDA-1b dual headphone amplifier

SAEQ PDA-1b dual headphone amplifier

CHF 3,499.00

Delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks


The PDA-1b is the successor to the PDA-1a and represents a further increase in sound quality. The differences can be clearly heard in direct comparison. The basic topology was adopted from our highly acclaimed HAS-1b amplifier. Compared to the old version, the PDA-1b has a finer, more relaxed and better spatial representation in terms of sound.

A transformer interface is required to operate ribbon headphones (see RAAL & requisite Ti-1b). All other types of electrodynamic and flat headphones can be controlled with ease and are characterized by truly brilliant sound reproduction. You can connect 4 headphones to it without affecting the playback quality and tonal balance. This is ensured by a very powerful output stage with discrete components and carefully designed double feedback. Fine details and clearly displayed instruments on stage are proof of the clearly high quality of this amplifier.

One has the impression that the more complex the music material is, the better he reproduces it. Its transparency and shine will certainly not leave you indifferent.

This class of amplifiers requires premium DACs and transparent interconnect cables to ensure their sonic presentation is fully appreciated.

You will hear every change in the sound sources and the quality of the music production.

The topology of the PDA-1b consists, as is usual with us, of discrete elements. Additional details are thanks to the stabilized power source as it is a prerequisite for the fabulous display of micro details.

The output stage has a powerful low-impedance output that can go down to an impedance of 2 ohms, which is very important when driving flat headphones can be useful.

This is an amplifier that will make you smile with satisfaction while listening to your favorite music. We have thus fulfilled our fundamental task.


"Right from the start SAEQ Audio PDA-1b shows you what it is capable of and once you get used to it’s typical presentation, it’s an amplifier you don’t ever want to miss again. The PDA-1b mixes technical excellence with a high musical level and the immersive feeling of a live concert. It's unique.

On top of that the PDA-1b delivers all the power you will ever need and it lets you connect 4 headphones at the same time without lack of power or diminishing sound quality. It's an ideal amp for reviewers and headphone enthusiasts who own multiple high-end headphones and want one amp to control them all.

Even though the price tag is slightly on the higher side, this amplifier for me is an easy recommendation. The SAEQ Audio PDA-1b gets our Recommended Buy award and it joins our list of Best Amplifiers, where it is in good company. SAEQ Audio PDA-1b Try it, you won't be disappointed."

SAEQ Audio PDA-1b Review - Headfonia Reviews


Load Impedance headphones out - direct

2- 600 ohms

Load Impedance speakers out


Output Power (one chanel driven):

10W/8 ohms, 5W/16 ohms, 2.5W/32ohms, 1.25W/64ohms, 0.6W/120 ohms, 0.3W/300 ohms, 0.15W/600 ohms at 1khz/sine /both canall driving.

Frequency Response:

2V RMS 15hz – 500kHz (-1dB/ -3dB)

Power Bandwidth:

100kHz (-1db) at 2W


< 0.3% at 1khz

Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 95dB

Input Impedance:


Input Sensitivity for full OUT:

0.7V at 1 kHz

Input Connections:

INPUT 1- 2 RCA single-ended, INPUT 2 - 2 XLR 3-pin balanced (female)

Output Connections:

2 x XLR 4-pin female (balanced Planar & Dynamic headphones) 2 x 6.3mm stereo jack (Planar & Dynamic headphones) 8 - 600Ω

Speakers OUT 4mm banana conector

Max Power Consumption:

50W, without signal 15W

Workng voltage:

115V/230VAC (selector switch) or 100V (requires internal connection)


Height 90mm, Width 218mm, D 320mm (3.54x8.58x12.60 inches)


net 5.3kg / gross 6.6kg