S.T.E. cable

S.T.E. (Silverstone Technology Electronic) was founded in 2015 by a group of enthusiasts. The main members are Ferrari Chau, Gary Lau, Patrick & Harry.

The idea at the time was that many of the cables available on the market consist of composite materials and that research and coordination of structures and materials as well as usability during use are neglected. We wanted to develop different combinations of structures and materials in order to have more choices in the market.

Our main R&D and manufacturing bases are in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Because of the epidemic, Taiwan will move production to Vietnam and Thailand. The development and R&D departments will remain in Taiwan.

The brand concept

S = Silverstone
Stands for the fact that design is like silver obsidian and is based on the belief that design always starts from the user experience.

T = Technology
Application of different designs and technologies within the framework of the existing product line in order to reduce the weight as much as possible with the highest possible quality and thus also improve the wearing comfort and usability.

E = electronics
Various material mixtures are to be developed in the small magnetic core structure in order to maximize the current strength.

STE Kabel