RAAL prop SR1b - incl. interface & cable
RAAL prop SR1b - incl. interface & cable

RAAL prop SR1b - incl. interface & cable

CHF 3,699.00

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

*Open Baffle, Ribbon Headphone + XFMR Interface (TI-1a or TI-1b) + Cables (SC2,ITI-XLR) + OB Comp

The world's first Earfield headphone monitor.

RAAL-requisite's SR1b is the world's first Earfield™ headphone monitor. Experience mixing, mastering and listening at home with unparalleled accuracy and realism in a sound field free of room acoustics and comb filtering caused by desk top reflections. Earfield™ technology offers unprecedented program accuracy and a speaker-like sound field.

SR1a True Ribbon Earfield Monitors 1

RAAL requisite SR1a

Real ribbons

For a good reason
The SR1b are also the world's first True Ribbon™ headphones. Highly specialized ribbon drivers have been designed, reproducing a bandwidth of 30Hz to 30kHz, eliminating the need for sealed bass chambers and allowing open baffles (both front and rear) for a true full-frequency soundfield.

RAAL requisite SR1a

SR1a freedom

Professional audio engineers report that the SR1b Earfield Monitors™ deliver more detail and accuracy than even their best traditional studio monitors or headphones. They help achieve high-quality, transferrable mix results in non-traditional settings. The accuracy, musicality and portability of the SR1b gives the audio engineer the freedom to work whenever and wherever he wants.

RAAL requisite SR1a

Scope of delivery

  • SR1b Headphones
    XFMR Interface (TI-1a or TI-1b)/Cables (SC2,ITI-XLR)/OB Comp


"Stereophile's Products of 2020 Headphone Product of the Year. The RAAL prop SR1a's are both revelatory and revolutionary."

"I frequently sit across the room from a $100,000+ audio system, looking at it, while listening through these headphones. The SR1a is that good."

"Equal to the best possible big hi-fi systems but without any of their issues of room interference, cabinet interference, port interference, and crossover interference."

"When I closed my eyes the sound was as if I were listening to live music in my home in front of me with nothing getting in the way of the performance. The SR1a was imaging as well as any speaker system and had no room boundaries which could get in the way of the performance.."

"Best Headphones. The SR1A makes me not want to listen to any other headphones. Or from someone I respect, It's what every headphone wishes it could be."
2020 Headphone Book Award
2020 Headphone Book Award
Headphone Award GRAND PRIX
2019 Gold in Fujiya Avic High-End Headphones
2019 Gold in Fujiya Avic High-End Headphones
Fujiya Avic Headphone Festival in Tokyo


Super Best Audio Friends

SR1a Reviewed / Victor Ye


Headphone Theme: Earfield™ open baffle floating near ear, does not enclose ears.
Impedance: 0.2 Ohms with cabling. Used in series Ribbon/Amplifier Interface.
Amplifier Interface: Ribbon/amplifier interface. 6 ohms. Use any loudspeaker amplifier.
Amplifier power rating: 100W
Sensitivity: 91dB/1W
Max SPL: 111dB
Frequency Range: 30Hz - 30kHz
Weight: 425 grams / 15 oz.