Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones
Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones

Meze Audio Elite + Premium Cable - High End Isodynamic Headphones

CHF 3,999.00

Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks





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By combining exclusive aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, ELITE offers an accurate, authentic listening experience that meets the highest demands of the experienced audiophile.

10 years ago we committed to breaking the boundaries of the audio industry. Our products are designed to surprise, inspire and transform every listen into a multi-sensory experience in which you can get lost.With our uncompromising attitude and our love for art and sound, we are committed to creating unique headphones with innovative designs and technologies that perfectly complement each other and create pure emotions.

"With ELITE we have created something that pushes all boundaries of headphone design and technology and moves to a new, artistic and graceful level. Following in the footsteps of a successful partnership, together with Rinaro Isodynamics we have managed to once again exceed our expectations and create something that will last forever. It's not the mass production, it's the craftsmanship that sparks the magic and wonder in ELITE, what makes it exciting, and these are values ​​we value above any shortcuts."

Antonio Meze, chief designer and founder of Meze Audio



2021 Awards

"Meze together with Rinaro built new drivers from the ground up, and that resulted in a more balanced, faster, more precise and cleaner sounding headphone. The clarity of the ELITE is really nice and it does complex and fast passages in a better way. The Empyrean is still good, but the ELITE is a technically stronger headphone. At the same time you can rest assured that there is still plenty of body, bass and fun in general. While it is actually a new headphone, I can see why it would be a higher end or dare I say improved Empyrean for many out there."

Meze Audio ELITE Review - Headfonia Reviews



majorhifi award banner gold XL

"With the Elite, Meze and Rinaro have built a phenomenal open-back headphone. The sound signature perfectly reflects its complex construction, with an innovative new driver that accomplishes Meze’s goal of setting a new standard with premium headphones. Almost all of its characteristics can be discussed as standouts, but for me, the soundstage is its biggest wow factor. The timbre is natural and clean, even more so than the Empyrean, but it’s not afraid to show color and emphasis in some ranges. Throughout my testing, there wasn’t anything the Elite couldn’t handle effortlessly. From bombastic film scores to soft ambient soundscapes, the Elite produces micro details that will satisfy any type of listener. It's a high price, but truly one of a kind."

Meze Elite Flagship Hybrid Array Planar Headphone Review - Major HiFi


Headphone Guru

"The Meze Elite is the rare reference headphone that delivers a balanced presentation and the better the amplification the better it performs.Elite is my Editors Choice for overall sound quality. If you’re looking for balanced top-tier performance the Elite always delivers uncompromised performance with extreme comfort and gets our highest recommendation. Congratulations to Meze for their achievements in a fiercely competitive market and a crowning achievement. Highly Recommended."

Meze Elite! Masterpiece Open Back Headphone - Headphone Guru




Meze Audio and Rinaro Isodynamics continue their collaboration with the release of the new ELITE Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones. By combining Meze Audio's outstanding mechanical design and ergonomics with Rinaro's signature technology and acoustic engineering, ELITE sets a new standard in headphone excellence.

Meze Audio

For 10 years, Meze Audio has been developing audiophile headphones and earphones that are known for their timeless design, high wearing comfort and engaging, lively sound. From looks to technology, Meze Audio products are designed to transcend any passing trends, serving not just as headphones but as heirlooms. Today, founder Antonio Meze and his experienced team design and develop their products in Baia Mare, Romania, in the spirit of their original "uncompromising" vision.

Rinaro Isodynamics

Rinaro was created in the USSR (now Ukraine) during the Cold War as part of a government-funded research program in acoustic technologies. With government support and access to advanced testing facilities, the team was able to focus their efforts entirely on planar magnetics.

They have continued to innovate in this area over the last 30 years since the collapse of the USSR. Over the last decade, Rinaro has expanded its capabilities and capacity by developing state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Ukraine and Poland.

The new facilities were a driving force in the development of the revolutionary Isodynamic Hybrid Array technology found in the Meze Empyrean and ELITE headphones.





A core belief of Meze Audio is to develop products that will withstand industry changes over the years and provide lasting value to the customer. Elite is no different.

From looks to technology, these headphones have been designed to transcend any passing trends and become a true heirloom.

Tungsten ore, which occurs naturally in various mineral deposits, becomes one of the hardest metals in the world when processed. The color we chose for these headphones resembles the look of tungsten in its final form, and we chose it as a visual metaphor for our commitment to making things that are reliable, things that will last for years to come. We achieved this stone-like texture by coating every part of the frame with Cerakote™, one of the best types of surface treatment available.

Cerakote™ coatings are traditionally used in the automotive, aerospace, defense and healthcare industries and are known for their high durability, unmatched hardness and excellent UV resistance. The unique structure of Cerakote™ not only provides a beautiful finish and a significant increase in durability, but also does not add unnecessary weight to the headphone housing.

The materials were chosen not only for the exciting sensory experience their rough texture provides, but also for their comfort and durability.

The frame has been designed with a carbon fiber headband and genuine leather headrest to ensure an ultra-light feel and maximum durability.



The patent-pending wing support system is elongated and curved at both ends so that the weight of the headphones is evenly distributed across the head, providing an extremely comfortable listening experience.


Developing a flagship headphone takes time and patience, and it's this kind of craftsmanship that makes the difference between the average and the truly great.

It takes about 20 hours to make a single aluminum skeleton. Added to this is the time it takes us to hand-paint each part of the frame, as well as the time we spend inspecting each part of the headphone, assembling the parts and ensuring that the final product meets our high standards.

This cannot be achieved through mass production and that means delivery times may be longer, but we guarantee it is worth it.

ELITE is assembled in Baia Mare, Romania, carefully by hand and with great attention to detail.




With a driver newly developed by Rinaro Isodynamics, ELITE is the result of three years of research and development in which we strived to create a powerful, lifelike and immersive experience that awakens the listener's senses.

The total harmonic distortion (THD) is below 0.05% across the entire frequency range.

75g combined driver weight for a headphone that can be worn during longer listening sessions.

The upper frequency limit of audio playback is 112.000Hz.

An innovative low mass acoustic membrane constructed on an ultra-thin biaxially oriented semi-crystalline film.

101db@1mw/1kHz; 32 ohms; can be operated from almost any source without amplification.

One of the most sophisticated and advanced planar magnet technologies in the world.


The MZ3SE driver builds on the groundbreaking technology of the flagship MZ3 driver in the Empyrean headphones. The innovative Isodynamic Hybrid Array technology delivers more selective acoustic performance to the different areas within the ear structure. Advances in diaphragm materials have opened the door to even greater resolution and accuracy in sound reproduction, setting new standards in headphone design.

             (1)                                                (2)                                         (3)

Reinforced polymer housing that can withstand the demanding 12.7N load generated by the hybrid magnet assembly.

With a weight of only 0.11 g and a large active area of ​​4650 mm2.

Our neodymium magnets are arranged symmetrically on both sides of the membrane in a hybrid array to create a 0.35 Tesla isodynamic magnetic field that is suitable for uniform activation across the entire membrane surface is required.


The new driver behind ELITE features Rinaro Parus®, an innovative low-mass acoustic membrane based on an ultra-thin, biaxially oriented, semi-crystalline polymer film. Combined with the signature Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver technology, this allows for more precise alignment of sound waves to the shape of the ear, resulting in natural sound transparency and a wide, articulate soundstage. This results in improved definition and speed across the entire frequency range.

The polymer is manufactured using tailored sequential biaxial stretching technology, a process in which the polymer is stretched in the transverse direction at elevated temperatures to improve structural performance. The result is a complex semi-crystalline microstructure in the material that exhibits remarkable strength, stiffness and stability, combined with an extremely low acoustic mass.



The use of different voice coil configurations in the Isodynamic Hybrid Array allows for better distribution of sound intensity at high frequencies when directed towards the auricle and ear canal.
This solves a common problem with conventional planar magnetic arrays, where the reflected signals enter the ear canal with different time delays, thereby degrading the focus of the 3D sound representation.

The use of dual coil arrays not only ensures a balanced frequency response across the entire range, but also allows for better frequency alignment in different areas of the ear, improving acoustic perception in the upper frequency range.

The switchback coil is more powerful in reproducing low frequencies and is located in the upper part of the driver.

The spiral coil is more suitable for reproducing medium-high frequencies and is positioned directly above the ear canal so that the sound waves reach the ear more directly and without delay.

At frequencies above 10 kHz, where the length of the sound waves is smaller than the inner cavity of the cushion, the sound field is penetrated by a portion of direct and reflected sound waves in the ear canal.

A significant increase in direct sound waves can be achieved by positioning the most efficient part of the membrane at medium and high frequencies directly over the ear canal, resulting in improved 3D imaging and spatial localization.



An innovative design feature developed by Rinaro is the Isomagnetic® earpad attachment, which uses the degaussing field generated by the driver to hold the earpad in place while simultaneously directing the magnetic field back into the driver and increasing driver efficiency improve.



95% magnetic field shielding
Ferromagnetic ear pads reduce the stray magnetic field acting on the listener's head by 95%.

Invisible locking system
Innovative use of the drivers' magnetic field to hold the ear cushions in place

12% more driver performance
Patented ferromagnetic plates redirect the magnetic field back into the driver, increasing performance by 1 dB or 12%.



These earpads are designed to enhance your Elite's acoustic personality and reveal new, exciting sonic nuances. The angled shape creates more space inside the ear cushion, resulting in an airier sound signature with clearer bass and improved mid-frequency presence. The angled ear cushions are made of soft Alcantara-coated foam and have a fine protective grille that offers increased comfort for most ear shapes.

02. HYBRID EARPADS (perforated Alcantara® interior + genuine leather exterior)

The HYBRID earpads have a soft yet durable exterior and combine the properties of Alcantara® and leather in a single design. In addition to being extremely comfortable to wear, this unique combination reduces bass pressure and delivers an airy sound signature where the sound waves seem to penetrate the room.



To take long-term sustainability to a new level, Elite is also fully serviceable: from the replaceable ear pads to the high-performance materials used, every part of the headphone housing can be easily disassembled and serviced.




  • Driver Type: Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array®
  • Functional principle: Open
  • Auricular Coupling: Circumaural
  • Frequency response: 3-112.000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Nominal SPL: 101 dB (1 mW / 1 kHz)
  • Maximum SPL: > 130 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.05%
  • Weight 420 g



  • Geometric shape: Oval
  • Size: 102mm x 73mm
  • Driver weight: 75g
  • Housing: Glass fiber reinforced polymer
  • Membrane type: Rinaro Parus® [MZ3SE]
  • Active area: 4650 mm2
  • Weight of the membrane: 0.11g
  • Acoustic mass: 7.5 kg/m4
  • Lower frequency limit: 3 Hz
  • Upper limit frequency: 112.000Hz



  • Case: High-strength ABS plastic case with foam inserts and leather handle
  • Two sets of ear pads included: one Angled Alcantara®,
  • a hybrid set (interior made of perforated Alcantara® and exterior made of genuine leather)
  • Cable type: silver plated or copper PCUHD
  • Connector type: 2.5mm, 3.5mm (1/8"), 4.4mm, 6.3mm (1/4"), 4-pin XLR