Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable
Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable

Kinera Orlog - High End IEM cable

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Kinera Orlog

Kinera Orlog Review — Headfonics


This is the collaboration between Kinera and renowned hi-fi acoustic cable manufacturer Effect Audio for our first high-end IEM upgrade cable. The external appearance was designed by the artistic team led by Kinera, while the tuning concept and testing were carried out by Effect Audio's professional acoustic engineers.

Together we present a high-end IEM upgrade cable with luxurious design and texture. Orlog is the lord of all things in Norse mythology. He is the most primitive being, he has done nothing to the world and nothing has been done. He is the incarnation of the term "fate". To him belongs the oldest and most enduring will.

There is no beginning and no end to his essence. He sets the order. He chooses life. He is the weaver of the web of all destiny. He stares at the world tree that holds the nine realms together. Let the art form come closer into our lives than we imagine.

Crystal of Truth - Orlog

Outside the Nine Realms, Orlog contains the workings of the entire system, the truth. Orlog has condensed the truth of the world into a glowing crystal and buried it in the cold icebergs of the Scandinavian mountains. Whoever can find him will understand the ultimate rules of how the world works and will be able to achieve the highest glory.

Design Process

The ingenious design, careful selection of materials and time-consuming manufacturing process give it a unique look and feel.

The steep Scandinavian mountain silhouettes sculpted by thousands of years of cold glaciers have been recreated using CNC manufacturing techniques. The natural spinel inlaid in the center is made of bare stone, which after grinding and polishing has been cut into a pear shape that shines brightly on the mountain's peak, and is finished by various processes such as sandblasting and hand polishing on each edge face.

sound character

Crystal of Truth Orlog Upgrade Cable has a very balanced sound that benefits from the high purity gold and silver material mixed in the wire cores. The mid-range voices are creamy and richly textured, the bass response is very elastic and punchy with beautiful overtones, the luxurious and delicate highs are a perfect match for charming and classical music.

Kinera Effect Audio Orlog

Effect Audio ConX™ Removable Connector Pin

  • 2 specified connectors for universal use | EA ConX™ 0. 78 2pin & MMCX

The connectors

  • Fixed 4.4mm connector with thread. Custom built by Effect Audio, featuring high quality EA P-4 as standard. 4 plugs.
  • Plugin shell and splitter

Crystal of Truth

Orlog uses an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for the connector shell and splitter, making it as light as anything. The shape of the mountain is layered up and down, which improves the visual experience and looks more coherent.

The artisanal processing with metal brushes gives the surface a beautiful texture. The intermediate layer is decorated with a spinel to achieve the best effect.

Protective Shell

Only the highest quality can forge the extraordinary. The cable jacket is finished with ultra-soft EA UltraFlexi™ insulation for durability.


  • Material:UP-OCC
  • Dual Material Hybrid Design
  • – Golden Ratio Composite Cable Core:Multi-strand gold plated copper & silver plated copper core mixture
  • – Golden Ratio Composite Cable Core:Multi-strand pure copper core mixed with pure sterling silver core
  • Braiding:4 core / 8 core three-dimensional braiding
  • Cable Diameter:26AWG 4 core / 8 core
  • Outer Layer:EA UltraFlexi™ ultra-soft insulation outer layer
  • Interface:EA ConX™ 0. 78 2pin, MMCX
  • Plug:EA-P 4. 4mm balanced
  • Plug Material:Gold plated brass
  • Plug Internal Connection:Threaded connection structure
  • External Metal Part:Aluminum alloy
  • Cable Length:1. 2m