Better things in a better way.

Hidizs was founded in early 2009 when Portable HiFi was in vogue. At that time, many devices were expensive and poorly made. Digital music was of poor quality, but people didn't care.

Tamson, the founder and CEO of Hidizs, cared. He was an audiophile and led an underground rock band in college. After graduating, Tamson dedicated his life to making HiFi music players for lossless music. As an audiophile, he took it for granted: music should be heard the way it was originally intended.

In order to produce higher quality, portable HiFi audio equipment at an affordable price, Tamson brought in a group of audiophiles with extensive experience of hi-fi audio research. With a core team of over 40 audio-obsessed professionals and decades of experience, Hidizs is able to produce the highest quality portable digital audio players (DAPs), headphones, USB DACs, etc.


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