FiR Audio Krypton 5 - Hybrid High-End IEM
FiR Audio Krypton 5 - Hybrid High-End IEM
FiR Audio Krypton 5 - Hybrid High-End IEM
FiR Audio Krypton 5 - Hybrid High-End IEM

FiR Audio Krypton 5 - Hybrid High-End IEM

CHF 2,999.00

Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks.

Krypton 5

Krypton 5

 Fir Audio Krypton 5

The pinnacle of portable 5-driver sound. The Krypton 5 is a technical performer with outstanding quality and clarity. He treats every note, every instrument and every level with sensitivity and care. The backbone of the Krypton 5's structured presentation is the strong, punchy bass. This creates a crystal clear, pleasant audiophile IEM.

The custom-fit IEM is made of durable acrylic and offers a range of elegant color and design options. The universal fit version features a machined aluminum casing and beautiful sapphire crystal glass bezels.

The Krypton 5 is equipped with 4 balanced armature drivers and a dynamic 10mm driver for the low frequencies routed through the Kinetic Bass port.

Like the rest of the Frontier series, the Krypton 5 is available in a universal fit and a custom fit version .


Universal & Custom

Krypton 5 CIEM

The Krypton 5 is available as a universal IEM and custom IEM. If you are interested in a custom Krypton 5 made especially for you, please write us an email ( or call us ( +41 77 403 35 26)



 Kinetic Bass Logo

A hybrid line technology that enhances the IEM sound experience takes it to a completely new level. Kinetic Bass is a bass you can feel.


ATOM Venting technology

A pressure relief system that relieves pressure that builds up in a closed ear canal. This greatly reduces listener fatigue, allowing you to hear more and listen longer.


Open Acoustics System

Open drivers without sound tubes that radiate sound directly into the Sound Reactor, resulting in a much larger soundstage.


Rigid Technologies

Proprietary technologies that ensure industry-leading durability and ease of maintenance of our in-ear monitor products.



  • 1x 10mm Kinetic Bass Dynamic Driver
  • 2x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for the mids
  • 1x OpenDriver balanced armature driver for high mids
  • 1x OpenDriver Balanced Armature Driver for the treble (with Sound Reflector)



      • Freq. Range: 20-20kHz
      • Impedance: 22ohms



      • Machined aluminum housing (UIEM)
      • Sapphire crystal faceplates (UIEM)
      • ATOM XS Interchangeable Modules (UIEM)
      • Leather protective case (Audiophile)
      • Free individual artwork & premium faceplates (CIEM)
      • Internal ATOM and ATOM X modules (CIEM)
      • Aluminium protective cover (musician)