Feliks Audio

Feliks Audio is a boutique manufacturer of handcrafted tube amplifiers with over 20 years of experience in designing audio solutions. All our products are developed, tuned and assembled at our facility in Lubliniec (Poland).
We create special and unique designs that combine technology and tradition.

Originally, Feliks Audio mainly focused on custom amplifiers that are made to order. Over time we have developed many innovative and sophisticated audio solutions. This has given us valuable knowledge and experience across a wide range of applications. Our amplifiers, including Espressivo, Elise and Euforia, have won many followers worldwide.

Our products offer a perfect blend of passion for honest sound, great attention to technical details and beautiful workmanship. We follow the simplicity of the design and minimize the number of elements in the projected signal path. Thanks to this approach, we ensure that the sound produced by our devices is pure and genuine.

Felkis AudioAudio Essence is an authorized seller of Feliks Audio
Email: info@feliksaudio.pl