Elysian Labs x Effect Audio PILGRIM:NOIR - Premium IEMs
Elysian Labs x Effect Audio PILGRIM:NOIR - Premium IEMs

Elysian Labs x Effect Audio PILGRIM:NOIR - Premium IEMs

CHF 799.00

Available for pre-order. Available from July 2024.

PILGRIM:NOIR product highlights

  • Upgraded Pilgrim with maximum unlocked potential
  • Premium IEM under $1,000 co-branded by EA and EAL
  • Improved technical specifications - 1 DD + 3BAs, 4-way crossover, internal wiring upgrade with a bespoke blend of exotic palladium, copper and silver
  • Improved bass and mids compared to the original PILGRIM (double the number of BA drivers for the mids compared to the original PILGRIM)
  • Distinctive Elysian house sound - unorthodox immersive forward voice
  • Ultimate luxury product experience - paired with the EFFECT AUDIO Eros S:NOIR cable (Eros S in matt black sleeve design)



8.9 points

"The $799 Effect Audio PILGRIM NOIR has a smooth but engaging signature, a strong visual appeal, a premium cable, and great build quality. It is a very good IEM and well worth an audition."

Effect Audio PILGRIM NOIR Review (headfonics.com)



"If you're drawn to the Elysian tuning but have budget constraints, the Elysian Pilgrim is a solid choice. However, for those desiring a performance boost, the Pilgrim Noir is a significant step up. Retaining the strengths of its predecessor , the Pilgrim Noir enhances the listening experience with notable improvements to bass and mid-range.

This positions it as a compelling upgrade for those seeking a complete-sounding IEM with excellent tonality, making it one of the top contenders in the mid-range market. As a result, it earns a spot in our Best Universal IEM Recommendations."

Effect Audio Pilgrim Noir Review - Headfonia Reviews


How does the PILGRIM:NOIR sound?

  • Smoother, more sophisticated and more seductive than the original PILGRIM.
  • The vocals take center stage, with an organic clarity that captures the essence of intense intimacy and spaciousness.
  • Versatile across a wide spectrum of genres, from the soulful nuances of R&B to the vibrant energy of rock and pop.

Product specifications

  • 4-driver hybrid configuration
  • 1 x 9.2 mm LSR dynamic driver for the bass
  • 2 X Sonion Balanced Armatures for Low-Mid and Mid-High
  • 1 X Knowles Balanced Armatures for the trebles
  • 4-way switch
  • HTTM - Hypercore Twin Thrust Module
  • EFFECT AUDIO special edition Eros S:NOIR
  • Bespoke EFFECT AUDIO Internal Wiring Mix
  • Impedance - 8.3Ohms @1khz
  • Frequency response - 10hz~ 20khz
  • Sensitivity - 103db @1khz @100mV
  • Premium Suede Tote Bag
  • Spinfit W1 earplugs