Dethonray PRELUDE DTR1+ reference hifi player
Dethonray PRELUDE DTR1+ reference hifi player
Dethonray PRELUDE DTR1+ reference hifi player

Dethonray PRELUDE DTR1+ reference hifi player

CHF 1,099.00

Delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks

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Back to the basics!

The Dethonray PRELUDE DTR1+ deliberately dispenses with everything that, according to Anson, chief developer and mastermind at Dethonray, could have a negative impact on the sound: no Android, no streaming, no touchscreen. The DTR1+ is pure sound and
does not have to hide from even the best and most expensive competing products!


"When it's time to just listen to your archive alone, there's not a better option for that sole purpose. There's nothing else better for this price tag in terms of pure sound performance... Looking at the DAP market, I doubt anyone can show me a player for this price with a better sound. The DTR1+ certainly has a spot in our Best Portable Player Recommendations." - Berkhan - Headfonia

Dethonray DTR1+ Review - Headfonia Reviews

Energy - but right

Power supply plays a big role in HIFI and portable audio systems. Most portable designs suffer from universal power supply designs that severely degrade signal processing quality.

The DTR1 adopts a dual, high-fidelity designed battery powered power supply system that ensures the separation of digital and analog power supplies to eliminate circuit noise from the source, similar to an enhanced DAP+ amplifier system but with a minimal path and brazed connections without compromise.

The ±8.4V power supply greatly improves the efficiency of the system's clean power delivery, with noticeable qualities of transparency and noise reduction, without over-attenuating the output must.

DTR1+ Theme


DTR1+ chooses the AK4490EQ for its reliability and specific sound performance. The chipset supports up to 32Bit/768K and switchable digital filters, offering different listening experiences.

AKM has strived to reproduce the original sound since its first Delta-Sigma D/A Converter (DAC) in 1989. This becomes the "Velvet Sound" philosophy, which aims to create an active space in sound reproduction, like in a live performance.


A Super Highway for Signals" - The DTR1 runs on a deeply customized Linux OS audio subsystem utilizing an OSS subsystem that is 30% more efficient than the ALSA audio subsystem. The customized and optimized "Nature" decoding engine effectively synergizes with the Linux OS, decodes under optimal conditions and reduces transmission delay.

Patented ultra-light GUI system "Ocelot", custom GAI (Graphics Abstract Layer), GDI (Graphic Device Interface), IAL (Input Abstract Layer), SCM (System Control Module), indexing system for audio files - promises minimal MMI, High speed navigation and supports indexing up to 160000 songs!

Improved software

Redesign of gain and volume audio subsystem:

  • Updated gain control to support different IEMs, Earbuds, Headphones.

  • Improved volume control to make the sound more accurate and natural.

  • Add artist indexing and classification feature.

  • Added L/R channel loudness compensation.

Improved hardware

  • The low-pass filter circuit has been revised and the DPPU (Desktop Plus Power Unit) has been pushed to its limits.

  • Higher resolution and better control options.

  • More balanced and consistent sound quality.


Micro Card Supported

1T(Sandisk untra)
Format Supported WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, APE
Bit Deep & Sample Rate 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz
16/24/32 bit
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Performance SNR 117db
THD 0.008%
Max. PowerOutput 6Vrms+R:6Vrms+L (16Ω)
Output Line out & Earphone
Battery Endurance 8 hours
Dimensions H100 W57 D18.6 (mm)
Color Black
Weight 160g