Camerton was founded in Ukraine in 1999 and reborn in Germany in 2019.

The company's development has always been based on a clear focus on fundamental things on which the primary sound of the system depends - acoustic drivers. Almost the entire sound quality of the speaker system and the audio system as a whole depends on them. That's why all of the company's systems are equipped exclusively with their own drivers.

Our developments take an absolute approach, i.e. H. the minimal focus on analyzing other products and starting each new project from scratch. The advantage of this method is the complete absence of conditioning and inertia in thinking.

First, the problem is correctly formulated, we ourselves develop algorithms for its solution and solve it. This achieves a completely new, previously unknown level of accuracy, power and musicality in reproduction.

The richness of the sound of our systems can shock anyone and bring joy to the warmth and uniqueness of the sound of music.

Camerton Audio

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