Brise Audio

Our team

The Brise Audio development team consists of highly qualified engineers for the development of audio cables, audio components and high-end headphones.

Our story

Brise Audio was founded 20 years ago when Keiichi Watanabe, who had already started researching, developing and selling audio cables, and Naoki Okada, then an audiophile, met and were impressed by Watanabe's cables.

Today, Brise Audio continues to improve its sound day after day through trial and error and by inviting new development members and sometimes experts from outside the company, discussing opinions day and night through trial and error and comparative listening tests .

Our values

The origins of our company have led us to specialize in developing and proposing products from the user's point of view in order to achieve high quality sound. We are committed to helping our customers achieve their ideal sound quality.

Brise Audio

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