Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM
Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM

Aroma Audio ACE - 12 BA Flagship IEM

CHF 4,500.00

Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

Also available as custom in-ear!

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Flexible flagship

AROMA ACE is the result of AROMA's unique technology and sound tuning developed over many years. Since its inception, it has been a flagship universal headphone, incorporating all the knowledge gained through the design and production of the Witch Girl series and the Musical Box series.

ACE has two switches with which you can set four different sound characteristics. The ultimate goal of AROMA is to satisfy all users of all music genres and different sound preferences. You should be able to find your favorite sound by toggling ACE's four sound signature modes.

Lifetime Guarantee

Aroma Audio offer lifetime warranty on their products. Errors caused by improper use are excluded.



"Overall, I was very impressed and can't believe these have been out since 2018 with very little western presence or hype. In a world where Odin is ~3k USD, and Trailli 6, I'd say these are appropriately priced. I judge pricing mostly on technical attributes (detail retrieval, imaging, dynamics, etc.)" solistice15 Head-Fi

Aroma audio Ace | Headphone Reviews and Discussion

"The Ace is an excellent sounding iem that boasts nicely extended bass, intimate midrange and smooth treble. The vocals are expressed effortlessly with naturalness and it provides an alluring listen. It has great holographic soundstage and there is a spacious feeling. In addition, it has versatility with its switches for 4 different sound signatures. The Aroma Ace is one of the best flagship iems in the market with its impeccable sonic performance."

Aroma Ace – Audio123 Reviews

Aroma Audio ACE

Flexible sound signature for all musical preferences

ACE can switch between 4 sound signature modes by moving 2 switches

J --Jack, Bass mode

This is the mode with the widest range of bass Frequencies among the four sound quality modes. As opposed to a general bass boost, it is tuned for the optimal balance taking into account the fog in the mid and low range. Excellent for expressing beats.

Q --Queen, Treble mode

Of the four sound signature modes, this mode optimizes the expression of high frequencies. In particular, it focuses on the output of the ultra-high range, the main point of sound field representation, and is excellent for locating each instrument and expanding the sound field. Suitable for relaxing and listening to great classical music.

ACE, Balance mode

In Balance mode, musical expression is natural and vocal expressiveness is excellent. The localization and presence of the instruments is clear, and the sound field is precise. This is the default mode for ACE.

K-KING Vocal Mode

In this mode, vocals stand out the most among the four sound quality modes. The delicate and smooth sound quality expresses vocals and background noise very well. The sound field is narrower than the other modes, making it suitable for solo singing and small pieces of music.

Aroma Audio ACE


  • Configuration: 12 BA universal headphones
  • Ultra low range: 4BA, mid-low range: 4BA, high range: 2BA, ultra high range: 2BA
  • Sensitivity: 110dB SPL / mW
  • Impedance: 26-30 ohms
  • Frequency characteristic: 10-22kHz
  • Connected Cable: OCC 1.2m 3.5mm Stereo Plug Rewireable (2pin)
  • Accessories (subject to change): Hard Case/Storage Bag/Acoustic Earbuds S/M/L/ Cable - OCC 1.2m 3.5mm Stereo Plug (2pin)