Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie
Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie
Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie
Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie
Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie

Cayin N8II - Wie neu mit Garantie

CHF 1,999.00 Normaler Preis CHF 3,699.00

Gebraucht - neuwertiger Zustand: 1 Stück (Farbe Schwarz) sofort lieferbar

  • Das Produkt ist in neuwertigem Zustand 
  • inklusive OVP und allem Zubehör
  • Garantie bis 25. April 2024 bei Audio Essence
  • Extra Vishnu Leather Hülle im Wert von CHF 200
  • Neupreis DAP CHF 3499.00

Der DAP ist in neuwertigem Zustand. Vishnu Leather Hülle im Wert von CHF 200 liegt bei.

VB CHF 1999,00 


Nachfolger einer Legende

Der N8II ist der Nachfolger unseres bekannten N8 DAP, der im Oktober 2018 auf den Markt kam. Dual ROHM BD34301EKV 32Bit Current Mode DACs und Dual Korg Nutube 6P1 sind bei einem mobilen Player einzigartig und definieren die Begriffe "Flagship" und mobiles High-End völlig neu!





Headfonia Award Winner

"Best DAP 2022"

"The Cayin Audio N8ii DAP easily replaces the “old” N8 on our list of Best DAPs, and I with pleasure put our Recommended Award label on it. Well done, Cayin."

Headfonia 2022 Awards - Part 1 - Headfonia Reviews



Headfonics Audio Reviews

Cayin N8ii

"The Cayin N8ii DAP still retains its flagship status and remains a class act offering an incredible array of highly resolving and enjoyable sound signatures. The synergy is so good with the N8ii. You can pair it with just about any monitor out there and either fill it with gusto and energy or keep it smooth and relaxed in tone. You get a lot of choice in how you want to tweak the output and that is just how it should be in 2022."

"It is clear that Cayin took their original N8 DAP to a whole new level in this next gen N8ii release. The sound is revealing and micro detailed without being bright or harsh and has the unique ability to finetune the pair up synergy, going from either being transparent to tastefully colored. Considering all these available tuning options, you have access to multiple tools to finetune N8ii sound to perfection in pair up with different IEMs and headphones.  And that what makes it unique and stand out from the crowd." 



Ear Fidelity

"Cayin N8ii is just a masterclass of a DAP. Its impressive and innovative technology meets a natural, romantic, and rich sound to create the best DAP that I’ve ever listened to. It is highly flexible with its different sound flavors, but the Tube + Class A is a game-changer. The build quality and overall feel is what you should expect of a luxury product, and for all of that, the N8ii get’s my highest recommendation."

Cayin N8ii • Ear Fidelity (


Audio Essence Blog

"Ich kann mit dem Cayin jeden beliebigen In-Ear voll ausreizen und zu Höchstleistungen antreiben und dazu sogar noch den Sound an meine aktuelle Stimmung anpassen - und das auf allerhöchstem Klangniveau - WOW!"

Cayin N8ii - Tube Magic – Audio Essence


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5 Stars

"The N8ii!! Any audiophile WetDream."

Dual Korg tubes!! Possibly one of the very best Tonal balances for a digital portable player! True Line out 4.4/3.5

Cayin N8ii - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion -



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