STE CU W16 - high-end 16-wire copper cable
STE CU W16 - high-end 16-wire copper cable

STE CU W16 - high-end 16-wire copper cable

CHF 399.00

16 wires - light and compact

The STE CU W16 is a high-end copper cable with 16 conductors, which is nevertheless very compact and light. Thanks to STE's patented geometry and the use of titanium for components such as plugs, connectors and Y-split, it is significantly thinner, lighter and more flexible than comparable cables.



"The STE Cable Ag W16 and Cu W16 pair very closely to what you think their perceived strengths might be. For the Ag W16, this is more about clarity, headroom, and excellent separation throughout. The Cu W16 is about a smoother , fuller-sounding presentation with enhanced PRaT but a more forgiving treble performance. "

STE reviews

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Highest purity

STE only use the purest cable materials for their cables -
7N OCC Core copper and silver for the best possible sound quality.


STE cables are among the high-end cable manufacturers among the cheapest offers and with excellent processing quality.


STE Cables


  • Material: 7N SQR-OCC w / NaLite Sys
  • Conductor: 16 Wire
  • Support Earphone Plug: 2-PIN / MMCX / CM / A2DC / IPX
  • Support plug: 3.5mm / 2.5mm / 4.4mm
  • Solder: SCM-01CuX (Cu 10% / Ag 5% / Sn 85%)