Satin Audio HYPERION - Audio Essence
Satin Audio HYPERION - Audio Essence
Satin Audio HYPERION - Audio Essence

Satin Audio HYPERION

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High-performance cable made of high-purity silver-plated copper

Satin Audio Hyperion is manufactured with the best wire production technologies such as highest purity of materials, SP-OCC, stranded wire.

Satin Audio Hyperion has wires made from high purity, silver-plated OCC copper with a purity of up to 7N (99.9999%). In addition, copper is known to be one of the most conductive materials, so the highest purity of copper leads to the highest conductivity. Based on the International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS), the conductivity of copper is 100% IACS, while that of OCC copper is up to 103% IACS. At the same time, the conductivity of silver is up to 105% IACS, while that of OCC silver reaches 107% IACS. This means that thanks to the OCC technology, the conductivity of silver and copper could be increased significantly.

SP-OCC (Superior Pure Ohno Continuous Casting) is the most advanced casting technology developed to overcome annealing problems and to apply a unique, patented process to practically all grain boundaries in copper or silver remove. Satin Audio SP-OCC cables are manufactured in one of the few factories in the world that can apply this advanced technology. The type 2 construction helps to keep the impedance constant and to improve the LCR values ​​of the cables in general. The Type 2 construction is that each wire is twisted together, and then these bundles of twisted wires continue to twist around a central nylon damper core.

Litz is the technology that was developed to reduce the losses caused by the skin effect and proximity effect in conductors. Thanks to Litz there is no possibility that the wires will oxidize and turn green.

The new SA insulation II looks much better , is completely transparent and stays soft all the time, so the wires won't get hard or break even after prolonged use. The use of nylon as a dampening core in each core helps to minimize vibrations and improve the durability of the cables.

Satin Audio Hyperion offers the following cable options: Standard 4-strand, 6-strand and 8-strand with numerous options for connectors and plugs for a variety of IEMs. The 6 and 8 braids are designed for some of the highest performing, highest quality IEMs. Thanks to a reasonable dimensioning of 28awg per polarity, an 8-fold braided cable is still compact and flexible.

Connection variants

Almost anything is possible

Almost all conceivable connection variants are possible. If the variants you require are not listed, please contact us. We will do our best to get the cable you want.

Technical data
  • Length: 1.2m (other lengths possible on request)
  • SP-OCC pure SPC type 2 strand
  • 28AWG
  • Superior pure OCC SPC
  • Nylon cushioning core
  • Audio quality Cardas Audio Quad Eutectic Lot from USA
  • Handmade in Vietnam


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