Noble Audio Katana - 50% discount
Noble Audio Katana - 50% discount

Noble Audio Katana - 50% discount

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9 BA High End IEM

Considered by many to be the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty, and edge sharpness, the katana sword is a precision instrument in every respect. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest specimens, Wizard's latest design is named Katana.

The body of the katana is wrapped in a diamond texture reminiscent of the traditional diamond patterns found on katana swords.

The katana, popular for its tremendous speed and versatility, is featured throughout Noble drivers in a unique configuration of 9 drivers per side.

With an extended top end that creates airiness and excellent imaging, the katana's balance and control are the mark of a master who continues to hone his craft. Combined with a lush midrange, impressive bass and Noble's signature coherence, Katana is a serious tool in anyone's arsenal.


  • 9 Balanced Armature Drivers


"The Noble Audio Katana offers a revealing listening experience with tons of detail and a textured sense of soundstage."

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