Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System
Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System

Hiby RS2 - R2R Pure Audio System

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Delivery time approx. 2 weeks

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Excellent sound

PureAudio player with Darwin audio architecture

Enjoy the pure emotions of pure music! With two MicroSD card slots and up to 4TB of storage, you'll always have your music in hand. Retro design language merges with the bold lines of the R family.


"The HiBy RS2 is a unique player in its own way. It's a nicely designed, compact and elegant player that manages to achieve a single goal; to play your files with high-performing sound for the price. And it does just that. I honestly didn't expect this performance, and I'm sure the users will be impressed once it reaches out to its potential owners. "

HiBy RS2 Review - Headfonia Reviews

"This player packs plenty of tech smarts, punchy sound, and unique features of his own. What it gives up in OS features and wireless connectivity it makes up for in premium build, ease of use, rich sound quality, and, most importantly, ultra-portability. "

Review: HiBy RS2 – R2R To Go | The Headphone List

Purely audiophile

Running on the PureAudio HiByOS, the RS2 benefits from targeted system-level audio processing optimization that provides a clean, pure audio playback path, ensuring a pure audiophile music experience.

Old School audiophile

Retro design language merges with the tough, bold lines of the R family. The volume control - the element you come into contact with most - is a diamond-cut, handcrafted masterpiece. Functionality is not neglected either: the touchscreen supports touch controls and double-tap-to-wake.

Intuitively audiophile

All-new UI tailored for the RS2. The simplified menu structure is more intuitive and user-friendly than ever. Green and gold design - simply luxurious.

Evolutionary audiophile

Darwin audio architecture is our internally developed all-new Hi-Res audio processing architecture that vastly improves on traditional R2R technology and includes a variety of studio quality features such as linearity compensation for the R2R network, adjustable FIR filter, harmonics control, NOS/OS switch etc. combined in one highly portable device.

The flexible architecture is fully customizable internally, providing endless possibilities for evolving this model and the next.

Power amplifier fully tailored for R2R

Fully musical, realistic, natural and analogue, high-energy when needed and totally immersive for the listener.

Switch between NOS and OS mode

NOS mode is a non-oversampling mode that allows for pristine response to signal changes; OS mode is adapted to the various additional features of the Darwin architecture, allowing you to customize the sound quality for different headphones and different tastes.

Adjustable FIR filter with 256 levels

Darwin architecture allows up to 16x oversampling with a variety of AA filters suitable for various design goals, e.g. B phase linearity, high fidelity; it is also adaptable to the characteristics of different headphones, ensuring the suitability of the RS2 for all types of headphones.

Precision double crystal oscillators, FPGA clock regeneration system

Two precision crystal oscillators with 45.185MHz / 49.152MHz effectively reduce phase noise and jitter to -140dBc/Hz@1kHz offset.

Luxury output stage circuit

The output stage uses current mode amplification and amplifies the current via an OPA1652 and an LPF consisting of 2x OPA1612. This provides high and clean input voltages and currents for the output stage, resulting in exemplary transient and dynamic response.

Coupled with 2x top-of-the-line OPA1622 amplifier chips, 4 independent channels for headphone amplification in current mode and professional digital volume controller NJW1195A, the circuit guarantees maximum fidelity of output to input and maximum control over headphone drivers.

MQA 8x Unfolding

MQA 8x Unfolding offers a reproduction of the original performance on par with the master tapes and puts you in the same space as the artists!

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning audio technology that enables music fans to transmit the original master recording home in the highest possible quality. MQA file is fully authenticated, backward compatible and small enough for streaming so you can play MQA on any compatible device. Wherever there is audio, MQA delivers the best sound.

Format Support

Supports all major music encoding formats, PCM up to 384kHz / DSD hardware decoded with up to DSD256.

USB DAC / coaxial digital / line out are all supported

In line with the high configurability of other HiByOS devices, the RS2 can be used as a USB DAC (e.g. B for playing computer/smartphone audio), but also for outputting to other USB DACs (e.g. B for outputting audio from the RS2 to other USB DACs) and even for outputting audio as a coaxial digital/line out signal.

Storage on two cards

With slots for *2* micro SD cards, supports a storage capacity of up to 4 TB and the simultaneous use of both cards.

Long playtime

Up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. Standby for up to 40 days.

Discharge mode - independent battery operation as USB-DAC

Press the button to switch charging to USB DAC mode - discharging mode reduces smartphone battery consumption and isolates the device from external power supply interference.

Scope of delivery

  • Hiby RS2
  • Packaging
  • Type-C to RCA digital coaxial cable
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Darwin Brooch
  • green RS2 leather case


  • HiBy RS2 model
  • HiByOS PureAudio version operating system
  • CPU X1000E
  • DAC Darwin Architecture
  • Audio format support PCM384 / DSD256
  • USB USB 2. 0
  • Screen size 2.45"
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • Resolution 480*360
  • Storage - card slot 1 micro SD card up to 2TB
  • Storage - Card slot 2 Micro SD card up to 2TB
  • Body material aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions 90.3*64.8*18.8mm
  • Weight approx. 158g
  • Charge 5V⎓1. 5A
  • Battery size 3500mAh
  • Loading time approx. 3h (0%-100%)

Audio Specs

HiBy RS2 audio specifications (as tested within the 20Hz-20kHz range)

Output port 3. 5mm PO @32Ω 4. 4mm PO @32Ω 3. 5mm LO @10K
Frequency response +/-1dB 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz
Output voltage 2Vrms 3. 2Vrms 2Vrms
Maximum output power 125mW 320mW /
Rated output power (THD <1%) 125mW 225mW /
Crosstalk rejection 63dB 82dB 82dB
SNR 118dB 117dB 116dB
Dynamic Range 82 82 /
THD+Noise 0. 006% 0. 006% 0. 006%
Output impedance 0. 47Ω 0. 94Ω 10K