Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC
Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC

Ferrum ERCO - fully balanced high-end DAC

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Ferrum ERCO, desktop high-end just became a thing. Oh, and it's pronounced "ertso", not "airco".

Like a top chef using fresh, home-grown ingredients, we incorporated bits of the award-winning HYPSOS technology and contributed some of OOR's magic to lay the first bricks for ERCO. Then we incorporated our 20 years of experience in building DA converters. And man, did we do it. We've managed to get the best of our two winners and packed it into our new sibling, which offers fantastic DA conversion.

"The name ERCO (not airco, but pronounced ˈert͡) is Esperanto for ore. We chose the name after its creator, Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, who lived near our Warsaw office. Zamenhof started developing Esperanto in his childhood, when he was still at school, striving for peace in the world where one language should bring people together. We want to achieve the same through pure and honest music reproduction. Ultimately, it brings peace to the mind. "

Marcin Hamerla, Founder and CEO HEM


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Ferrum ERCO review

"The Ferrum ERCO DAC is neutral to natural, accurate, and articulate. Its amplifier has bags of power to drive just about any headphone you want to throw at it. It is also incredibly simple to operate right out of the box. "

Ferrum ERCO Review — Headfonics

Fein aufgelöst, klar, offen und plastisch": Emit 10 im Test bei  HIFISTATEMENT

"The ERCO convinces me as a headphone amplifier, in combination with a HYPSOS it leaves nothing to be desired as a converter in its price range and a good deal beyond that and with the company's own power supply unit it has impressed me all round as a preamplifier: an affordable gateway drug into the world of high end!"

HIFI STATEMENT | netmagazine - Ferrum Erco


Freedom for high-end audio
Perfect mixture of Ferrum flagship technology and high-quality, self-developed digital-to-analog conversion. You have the choice between three digital and one analogue input.

Proprietary Technology
Uses industry-leading technology. All digital connections are optimized for audio, MQA decoding and rendering are optimized for use with the internal ARM chip.

Suitable for high-end audio
Connect your favorite headphones to the balanced 4.4mm jack or unbalanced 6.35mm headphone outputs or the powered speakers Connect to the XLR or RCA outputs on your desk for full performance.

Really balanced
The signal path is really balanced from the early D/A stage and becomes really balanced via the RCA inputs.

Discrete/IC hybrid design
Ultra wideband ICs optimized for the audio domain to achieve the best possible analog quality.

Increased transparency
The entire design is geared towards a balanced and very transparent sound signature, making listening fatigue a thing of the past.

Easy to use
Easy to use. Only three buttons on the front to control the most important settings.

Ferrum Power Link
ERCO performs very, very well right out of the box. But ERCO is designed in such a way that it can do even more in combination with HYPSOS. We use what is known as the Ferrum Power Link (FPL for short) to connect the two. HYPSOS then achieves its maximum performance and, in combination with ERCO, unleashes an unprecedented musicality.


  • Headphone output gain: balanced -5. 8dB, +6dB, +17. 8dB; single ended -11. 8dB, 0dB, +11. 8dB
  • Operation: fully balanced, proprietary IC power amp
  • Power inputs: 5. 5/2 5mm DC connector center positive; proprietary FPL 4-pin DC connector (FPL)
  • Analog inputs: RCA (Consumer level; Pro option with future software update)
  • Digital inputs: USB-C (all formats); S/PDIF optical (up to 24-bit/96kHz, DoP64); Coaxial (up to 24-bit/192kHz, DoP64)
  • DAC chip: ESS Saber ES9028PRO
  • PCM sample rates: 44. 1/48/88. 2/96/176. 4/192/352. 8 / 384kHz
  • DSD sample rates: 2. 8224/3 072 / 5. 6448 / 6. 144 / 11. 2896/12 288MHz
  • MQA: decoder and renderer
  • DAC resolution: PCM up to 384k@32bit; DSD up to 256 (11. 2MHz / 12. 2MHz)
  • Headphone jack outputs: balanced 4. 4mm (TRRRS); unbalanced 6. 35mm (TRS)
  • Line outputs: balanced XLR; unbalanced RCA (both Consumer level; Pro with future software update)
  • Volume control: analogue with bypass option (bypass for line outputs only)
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz - 30 kHz (+/- 0. 05dB) 10Hz – >200kHz (+/- 1dB)
  • Output power unbalanced: 300 mW into 300 Ω; 1.7W into 50Ω
  • Output power balanced: 1. 2W into 300Ω; 6. 1W into 50Ω
  • THD on balanced output: < 0. 00018% / -115dB, 1mW into 16Ω; < 0 00018% / -115dB, 100mW into 16Ω
  • THD on unbalanced output: < 0. 00032% / -110dB, 1mW into 16Ω; < 0 00057% / -105dB, 100mW into 16Ω
  • Dynamic range analog: 130 dB (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic range digital: 120 dB (A-weighted)
  • Input impedance: 47 kΩ
  • Output impedance unbalanced: 22 Ω on pre-amp
  • Output impedance balanced: 44 Ω on pre-amp
  • Output impedance Headphones: < 0. 3Ω
  • Power consumption: idle <15 W
  • Power adapter: 100-240V AC to 22-30V DC
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 21. 7cm x 20 6cm x 5cm / 8. 6”x8. 1” x 2. 0”
  • Weight: 1. 8kg / 3 97 LBS