Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee
Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee
Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee
Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee
Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee

Empire Ears Legend EVO - like new with guarantee

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Used - new condition: 1 piece available immediately

  • The product is in new condition
  • Limited Launch Edition
  • including original packaging and all accessories
  • Warranty until 09/10/2023
  • New price CHF 3099,-

The EVO was used for around 50 hours and is therefore in absolutely new condition. This is the Lauch Edition, which was delivered with a Vishnu real leather case and limited to 400 pieces. is limited.

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The story of the Legend EVO is the story of a revolution. Freed from the constraints of convention and empowered by the knowledge of decades of experience, we knew we had to take extraordinary new measures to develop a true successor.

With the groundbreaking Dual Conduction Architecture and the 8-driver -Tribrid system at its heart, the Legend EVO sets new standards in the IEM industry, offering an unprecedented level of innovation and performance.

A prime example of technical brilliance, the Legend EVO represents the boldest expression of Empire Ears.


"With the Weapon X driver Empire Ears has once again proven that they are in the pursuit of extraordinary. A bone conduction driver built from the ground up isn't something you just develop, it's something you master over time and from what I can tell they have done an excellent job.

The Legend Evo has a natural sound, paired with incredible technical performance and a powerful and dynamic low end that will keep you bopping your head to the rhythm. Bass heads that don't want to make compromises when it comes to technical performance listen up, this is the one to hear. 100% recommended!"

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"This is a bass monster, but a monster with refined taste and also one that brings some sort of A-game to the mids and treble table in terms of resolution and timbral balance."

Empire Ears EVO Review

Empire Ears Legend EVO Review | Headfonics Audio Reviews


"EVO is a very addictive IEM that will appeal even to those who are not fans of enhanced bass because it doesn't have traditional L-shaped sig. It evolved into audiophile quality basshead IEM that can equally satisfy those who prefer consumer tuning with enhanced bass and others who are picky audiophiles and want natural clarity and good retrieval of details in addition to quality bass."

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