Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence
Cayin N6II - Titanium Limited Edition - Audio Essence

Cayin N6ii - Titanium Limited Edition (Open Box)

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Only 1 piece available. Open Box, Full Warranty.
Limited to 600 pieces worldwide.

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High Res Player / High End Personal Audioplayer with exchangeable motherboard

Titanium Limited Edition with R01 motherboard

Titanium facelift version of N6ii Replicable Audio Motherboard DAP. This was designed to celebrate our breakthrough in R-2R implementation. The N6ii-Ti comes pre-installed with our latest 24Bit Discrete R-2R R01 Audio motherboard and is the first Android-based, streaming-capable R-2R DAP on the market.

The N6ii-Ti chassis is a solid piece Titanium CNC machined. We use grade 2 titanium, the "workhorse" of the commercial titanium industry, widely used in the medical and marine industries. Titanium is about 30% stronger than steel but almost 50% lighter. However, aluminum is lighter than titanium, so the N6ii-Ti weighs ~390g, around 100g more than the original N6ii. Titanium's weight, strength, and high corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for casings of expensive and sensitive equipment. The circuitry and electronic components of the two N6ii are identical and they run on the same hardware, the difference being the replacement of the aluminum case with a solid titanium case.

24Bit Discrete R-2R R01 Audio motherboard pre-installed .

The Cayin N6II - Ti Special Limited Edition is limited to 600 pieces worldwide and will be sold out quickly.


"It's great that the Cayin distributor is now giving the manufacturer's DAPs the attention they deserve. For headphone lovers who want to enjoy music at the highest level on the go, this is a win, and that N6ii is a big recommendation here."

Review Ear In Magazin

Cayin N6ii Review

"The N6ii is very much a long-game digital media player. As of right now, the A01 motherboard taps into Cayin's house sound or preference for something slightly richer, sweeter , and an all-round performance that will appeal to a very wide audience indeed."

Headfonics Review

R01 motherboard

Cayin R01

"If your budget will not stretch for the flagship P6 and P6 Pro from Luxury & Precision, then the Cayin R01 combined with the N6ii is an excellent substitute. For current N6ii owners, this is as cheap as it gets to go discrete R2R in a portable source.

It brings R2R into the realm of affordability for a lot more audiophiles and at the same time really opens up the possibilities with that Android platform from the main player for the likes of streaming TIDAL and Qobuz if required and a comprehensive and more familiar user-friendly touch control system.

For now, the R01 is easily the most likable and natural-sounding motherboard Cayin has produced to date. It is not just a timbre 'love-in' either, technically it is competitive with an excellent low noise floor performance making it perfectly suited to a wide range of monitors out there today."
Cayin R01 Review | Headfonics Audio Reviews

Cayin N6ii Review

"Six different Audio Motherboards, with no less than six (duh) different sound signatures. In the very beginning we weren't sure what Cayin's plans with the N6ii were in regards to customization, but they clearly weren't kidding when they said a whole series of boards would follow. The fact that other high end brands are now doing the same (again) shows that Cayin made the right choice doing so."

Headfonia Review

"The Cayin N6ii and R01 combo is technically strong. You get excellent detail retrieval, great PRaT, top level separation and jaw dropping timbre. The clarity, layering and depth are equally impressive. The sound stage is good both in width and depth, but especially the depth is impressive. The R2R board sounds natural and it has a realistic amount of air and spaciousness from the highs to the lows. It's really precise, but it's also easy on the ear, making it completely non-fatiguing. This motherboard to me elevates the Cayin N6ii DAP to new highs, which we haven't seen before. "

Cayin N6ii Audio Motherboards / R01 Review - Headfonia Reviews


"The R01 with its R-2R discrete resistor ladder DAC was a big surprise, giving a two-year old N6ii Android DAP a second wind with a new level of natural sound finesse.This natural smooth sound tonality didn't compromise Resolution or retrieval of details. Instead, it gave N6ii w/R01 a more natural analog tonality, and truly set it apart from previous N6ii modules.

Every N6ii module, except for A02, has a unique DAC/amp combo which offers a different signature and tonality. But especially between E02 and R01, it felt like listening to two different DAPs, and I didn't even care about losing LO because I gained 3.5mm output, something I actually missed in E02."

Cayin R01 R-2R DAC/amp module for N6ii – Twister6 Reviews


With its interchangeable motherboard, the N6II allows you to flexibly adjust the sound character and connectivity of your player.

  • User-replaceable audio motherboard consisting of a DAC and analog amplifier circuit
  • Direct Transport Audio (DTA) bypasses Android sample rate conversion and allows resampling-free playback of all applications
  • Fully customized Android 8.1 with Google Play preinstalled, supporting popular streaming services like Tidal and Spotify
  • Remote control from your mobile phone via HiByLink
  • Full digital output option: I2S (mini-HDMI), USB audio and S/PDIF
  • Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2 with Hi-Res Codec (aptX and LDAC) up to 96kHz
  • Audio motherboard A01
  • DAC via the AK4497EQ, the new generation premium 32-bit DAC-based DAC chipset
  • Native decoding of DSD up to 11.2 MHz (DSD256), PCM up to 32 bits / 384 kHz
  • Fully balanced design with parallel headphone amplification provides ample power to 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs
  • Adjustable output level for 4.4mm and 3.5mm line out

Control N6 MKII with smartphone

Scope of delivery

  • Cayin N6 MKII - TI Player incl. R01 motherboard
  • 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter
  • USB-C charging and data cable
  • Protective Cover

Interchangeable audio motherboards for N6ii

The optional audio motherboards have been optimized from the ground up for this Cayin N6ii high-resolution player. The user can now choose between different board options: A02, T01, E01 or E02. Completely different circuit layouts of the individual modules enable different sound characteristics.