Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off
Burson Audio FUNK - one-off

Burson Audio FUNK - one-off

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3W Class-A Headphone Amplifier&
45W Class AB Speaker Amplifier

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Hi-Fi companies spoil headphone lovers with almost endless amplifiers. So why do they neglect the near-field audiophiles who listen to their speakers in small studios or from their desks?

Near-field audiophiles often settle for inferior Class D amplifiers, which are also common in powered speakers. The alternative is rack-mount Class AB amplifiers, which destroy the aesthetics of near-field systems.

This neglect is due to the rule between size and power. It was impossible to build a speaker amp that looks good next to the iMac and still performs like an audiophile. Funk breaks that rule!


Prime Audio Reviews

Jay soulsik

Tyler's Eclectic

Sparking class AB

The radio is a true class AB amplifier with 45 watts per channel. Powered by our proprietary Max Current Power Supply, it reimagines your perception of rhythm through power, precision and micro-detail. It makes most conventional amps sound slow and muffled, even those with twice the rated power.

Radio is more fun!

Fully Discreet, Class-A, 3 Wpc. Funk is also a much-improved Burson Fun, winner of Product-of-Year on Headfonia and loved by head-fiers since 2017. It has higher resolution and performance and looks infinitely more attractive. IEM, no worries. Big cans, no sweat!

Small and for everyone

This insane balance of size and performance is made possible by our patented Max Current Power Supply technology, which eliminates the need for heavy transformers and oversized power caps. It delivers instantaneous and clean power directly to the output transistors.

Funk it your way

Your headphones are very different from your speakers. So why should your amp treat them the same way?

With two separate signal paths, each with an opamp rolling, you can tune the funk to match your headphones and speakers.

Funk and Games

  • Gaming headset compatibility, check 👍.
  • Sound card connectivity, check 👍.

Movie night, game night, funk, whatever you like!

Funk is cool

Touch and feel the funk, not our competition. You will notice the difference. This beautiful, precision-machined aluminum chassis is also a unified heatsink, keeping the Class A headphone amp and Class AB speaker amp cool while looking hot.

Technical Details Scope of delivery
Input impedance: 38KOhms Burson RADIO (P-300) Regional Power Cable
Frequency response: ±1dB 0 – 35Khz RCA Cable Hex Key
THD: <0.03% Power Supply 100-240VAC
Output impedance (Head Amp): <2 ohms
Inputs: RCA Left / Right Weight: app 3Kg
Outputs: Headphones / Speakers Dimensions: 190mm x 150mm x 60mm
Impedance (headphones) Power Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
16 ohms 3.5W 96db 99%
32 ohms 2.5W 97db 99%
100 ohms 600mW 98db 99%
150 ohms 400mW 96db 99%
300 ohms 150mW 95db
Impedance (Speakers) Power Signal to Noise Ratio Separation
4ohms / 8ohms 45W / 35W 92.5db 98.50%