Des Kaisers neuer Sound - Meze Empyrean II

The Emperor's New Sound - Meze Empyrean II

What happens when you combine the fantastic Lotoo Mjölnir with the new Meze Empyrean II headphones? More details, better highs, bass, great voices and a wide stage? Secure. But most of all, lose yourself in the music!

We have tested the Empyrean II and it is now available to our customers as a demo device in the showroom or for testing at home. But before we go into more detail about the sound, as always a little unboxing photo session...

Meze Empyrean 2Meze Empyrean 2

When unpacking it is immediately noticeable that Meze has dispensed with the aluminum case of the Empyrean and Elite for the Empyrean II and has instead switched to a much smaller ABS plastic case. It may not look quite as elegant as its predecessor, but it is lighter and easier to transport due to its compactness - it can even fit in a backpack.

Meze Empyrean 2

What is new is the now standard premium cable, which is available in pure copper or silver-coated copper. Here in the picture is the copper version.

Meze Empyrean 2

Outwardly, little has changed - Meze largely relies on the popular, iconic design of its predecessor. The included earpads, which contribute significantly to the new sound of the Empyrean II, have been completely redesigned.

Meze Empyrean 2

The workmanship is still flawless - this was also the case with its predecessor and the wearing comfort of the Empyrean II is excellent.

Meze Empyrean 2

As you can see, the Empyrean II harmonizes perfectly with our new "workhorse", the Lotoo Mjölnir. This is hi-fi at the highest level - visually and acoustically.

Meze Empyrean 2

The first bars of the music immediately prove 2 things:

1) The Lotoo Mjölnir actually manages to get the maximum performance out of every headphone and in-ear that can be connected

2) The new Meze Empyrean II is not what I imagined it to be or what most reviews suggest to me. That doesn't mean it's worse or completely different - quite the opposite. But more on that later.

Sound impressions of the Empyrean II will follow in the coming days... so keep checking back! 😉🙌

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