Oriolus Szalayi - Review by The Vagrant Audiophile

Oriolus Szalayi - Review by The Vagrant Audiophile

Oriolus Szalayi - "the brown oriole".

Hmmmm, actually this one is blue. 😅 Boar doesn't matter, he can sing - just like his big brothers and sisters from Oriolus! And it is something very special: A trybrid of planar, dynamic driver and balanced armature.

Our guest author The Vagrant Audiophile took a closer look at the Szalayi, pronounced "Sally", and his trained ears.
Oriolus Szalayi

Szalayi impressions

by The Vagrant Audiophile (retired)

Cost - 5/5

For the money you get what is probably one of the best IEMs available today for around $1000-2000 - along with a truly fantastic cable - from a recognized boutique brand that is on the fringes of the mainstream but known for their masterful tuning ( again) is known.

Oriolus Szalayi

Comfort - 3/5

I have to accept that I get along better with small IEM nozzles. 🤷🏼♂️

Compared to the Isabellae, which I struggled with both for nozzle width and length, the Szalayi were unfortunately a problem for me because of their thick nozzle size. So... if thick nozzles have never been a problem for you, the rating jumps to 4/5 or 5/5.

Oriolus Szalayi

Tuning - 4/5

The Szalayi offer impressive technical balance while presenting a rich, musical sound - a tuning that which clearly suits my preferences. For a 3 driver IEM the Szalayi is extremely coherent, more coherent than some "only" two driver I've heard in the past. However, they require a good seal.

Oriolus Szalayi

Conclusion & Recommendation

In the past, have you had issues with comfort due to nozzle size and/or have you had trouble fitting the right tips Find? - 4/5 - Recommended while you can test them

In the past have you never had a problem with comfort due to nozzle size and/or never had a problem finding the right attachments ? - 5/5 - Highly recommended

Thank you very much for the review! 🙌😊

And you can now test the Szalayi at home:

Try it at home - free of charge and for up to one week

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