Hype oder Schnäppchen? - EverSolo DMP-A6

Hype or Bargain? - EverSolo DMP-A6

We finally received a demo device of one of our best-selling products. The product got high praise from various youtubers and now let's see if the laurels are justified.

We are talking about the EverSolo DMP-A6 Streamer with DAC.

EverSolo DMP-A6
The conscientious and high-quality packaging of the device already increases the anticipation. (The black box is also protected in another outer packaging)

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The DMP-A6 rests securely in foam and is additionally protected from scratches by a fabric bag. Even the cinch sockets are provided with plastic caps to prevent dust from getting in - such an effort is otherwise only seen in significantly more expensive devices!

Eversolo DMP-A6


Eversolo DMP-A6

And off we go to set it up. Select language, log into the network and the Eversolo is ready for use. The whole thing took me a few minutes.

Eversolo DMP-A6

The device offers an optional control app "EverSolo Control", which can be downloaded directly via QR code. Since the device does not come with a remote control, that's great!

By the way, I didn't use the app for the time being to see how the streamer can be operated without a smartphone.

Eversolo DMP-A6

This is the home screen, from which various functions of the device can be called up, such as streaming or the advanced setup of the DMP-A6.

Since I wanted to listen to music right away, I tapped on Streaming, which has various streaming services pre-installed. Since I have a Tidal subscription, I quickly logged in and et voila - everything was where it should be.

Eversolo DMP-A6

Playing partner

Since I had heard and read a lot of good things about the Eversolo's internal DAC, I put a RAAL requisite HSA-1b high-end headphone amplifier and RAAL SR1b headphones at its side. A high-quality Supra Sword Excalibur XLR Rhodium Anniversary Edition ensured a lossless connection.

  • RAAL requisite HSA-1b
  • RAAL SR1b
  • Supra Sword Excalibur XLR Rhodium Anniversary Edition

Eversolo DMP-A6

First impressions


I already mentioned it: The DMP-A6 is not only excellently packaged, it is actually also excellently processed. So good that you would expect a significantly higher price tag.


What immediately strikes you is how easy and quick it is to use the DMP-A6.
Everything is easy to read, well structured and logically structured. You scroll through menus and playlists so smoothly that you feel reminded of a high-end smartphone.

As a longtime user experience designer, I have a satisfied grin - full marks! 😊🙌


I haven't had much time to listen to music with the EverSolo, but the brief listening session confirms what various customers and reviewers are saying about the DMP-A6: it sounds outrageously good for the price.

I'm not saying that it eliminates the need for more expensive DACs, because that would be an exaggeration. But I say that the EverSolo rightly has an excellent reputation in the audiophile community and even as a pure streamer - connected to a high-end DAC - would still be worth its price.

As a control center with an integrated DAC, the DMP-A6 is a real bargain!

Would you like an upgrade?

If a friendly customer hadn't pointed this out to me, I wouldn't have known that there was a Master Edition of the DMP-A6.

For a reasonable surcharge you get a sound-enhanced device that comes with femto clocks and better op-amps.

Differences to the DMP-A6

  • Clock System 2 ACCUSILICON FEMTOSECOND oscillators with noise reduction and improved jitter
  • OPA chips OPA1612 with ultra-low noise and low distortion 1KHz 0.000015%
  • Gold-colored details on the case

I'm already looking forward to hearing about this upgrade and presenting it in our new showroom.

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