Kronjuwel - Aroma Audio Jewel

Crown Jewel - Aroma Audio Jewel

Today a little unboxing of our new products from Aroma Audio

It starts with the current flagship: The "Jewel" - and it not only looks like a jewel, it also sounds like one! At least he made it straight to the top of my personal best listThis was for approxoccupied by one and the same IEM for a year and a half! Now he has to share the top position with the "Jewel".😅

Aroma Audio Jewel

A chic blue cardboard box with a golden Aroma Audio logoBut man, it's difficult!!! 😵 Are probably the heaviest IEMs of all time🤣

Aroma Audio Jewel

A look inside provides information: We are dealing with approx2kg solid aluminum - milled from one piece - to doThey're serious about protecting their jewel!

But how does this thing open! After 10 unsuccessful minutes and use of a screwdriver, I called a colleague who already owned the "Jewel".

Aroma Audio Jewel

The solution to the riddle: press the cover and slide it to the right - very simple! 😅😁

The inside reveals an elegant, handmade leather case which contains the cable and a set of eartips - and of course the "crown jewel" itself

Aroma Audio Jewel

Aroma Audio Jewel

The supplied cable is nice, but in my opinion it doesn't quite do justice to the "Jewel" in terms of looks and soundHere I would wish that Aroma Audio would rather invest the money in a better cable than a "tank case".

Aroma Audio Jewel

Aroma Audio Jewel

You can't complain about the processing quality of the Jewel IEMs and the leather case - it's all at the highest level and you can expect that in view of the price!

<img src="" alt="Aroma Audio Jewel" />

Aroma Audio Jewel

For me, a dream couple straight away: The "Jewel" and the Cayin N8II!

If you now add a suitable cable - for example the Satin Audio Athena 8x or something similarly high-quality, you are closer to seventh audio heaven than ever before: This is Summit- Fi, so absolute top!

Satin Audio Athena

Image: Satin Audio Athena

How does the whole thing sound then?

Well, that's not so easy to put into wordsFor me personally like
the child of Empire Ears Odin and Oriolus TrailliiThat means the "Jewel" combines the strengths of both top IEMs in one in-ear and that in itself is a real masterpiece!

It dissolves extremely finely, is airy with a good portion of "Sparkle" on topVoices are a bit emphasized but very natural with wonderful "verve" and the bass section is a dream thanks to a specially developed subwoofer (DD): Emphasized mid-bass and an incredibly rich sub-bass are just a lot of fun without covering the other frequencies - on the contrary: you are carried and raised on this sublime foundation

Plus a stage that represents serious competition for the Traillii and a presence that shakes Odin's throneThis is pure musicality and emotion!

Of course you could say that Odin and Traillii can do one or the other a bit betterHowever, that is entirely in the eye of the beholderin the ears of the respective music lover

One thing is clear to me: the "Jewel" is an incredibly successful in-ear at the highest level, which definitely plays at the very top - where the desire becomes extremely thin! And for many he will be their personal endgame IEM orwill

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