High End 2023: Revolutionär - Camerton Binom ER

High End 2023: Revolutionary - Camerton Binomial ER

And we continue with our High End Munich 2023 blog and today I would like to present a very special headphone: The Camerton Binom ER.

What makes him so special?

Well, on the one hand the new technologies used and on the other hand the fact that it is made by hand by just one person in Berlin, but more on that later.

What is the binomial ER?

The Binom ER is a so-called isodynamic headphone that was developed using the latest technologies. Its design draws on the years of experience of Camerton founder and mastermind Oleh Lizohub, as well as intricate computer simulations to create a headphone that is unique in every way.

By the way, every single Binom ER is made by hand in Berlin, namely every single component from the chassis to the ear pads.

This results in a limited number of pieces that can be produced: around 10 pieces per month.

As always, let's first take a look at the subject of our considerations.

camerton Binom ERcamerton Binom ERcamerton Binom ERcamerton Binom ER

At first glance, the Binom ER looks like an ordinary modern headphone, but if you look closely, a few interesting details emerge.

For example, using USB-C ports on the ear cups instead of 3. 5mm jack or even MiniXLR. How come? Quite simply: Because the drivers and the actual housing are so thin that even 3. 5mm jack would have been too thick for it. Of course, it is not a digital but an analog signal that is transmitted via the USB-C connections, because that is also possible.

camerton Binom ER

Here you can see one of the two drivers assembled. Only the magnetically held ear pads sit above it.

Camerton supplies 2 cables as standard: A 1. 2m long cable, which can actually be connected directly to a smartphone via USB-C and a 2. 5m long headphone cable with either balanced 4PIN XLR or 6. 3mm jack for stationary use. A 6m long cable can be ordered as an option.

By the way, the magnetic ear pads are available in 3 versions:

  • The standard leather upholstery (see pictures) for balanced sound
  • A pad with leather and Alcantara, which emphasizes the bass
  • A thin cushion that brings the binomial ER to a more neutral balance

The pads can also be purchased all three as a set with the Binom ER to adapt the headphones to different music styles and tastes.

The sound

Why all the effort if the binomial ER didn't end up sounding great too? Exactly. And yes he does. Thanks to its unique drivers, the Binom ER covers an impressive frequency spectrum from 8Hz to 51 kHz.

In other words, the thing can reproduce an abysmal bass and at the same time extremely high-resolution treble - of course without any sign of artefacts or sharpness.

Voices are wonderfully clear, sonorous and natural. The channel separation is excellent.

Overall, I would describe the sound of the Binom ER as full-bodied and rich, but at the same time airy and highly detailed.

Oh yes. I almost forgot: the Binom ER harmonises with every genre of music, making it a genuine all-rounder.

Synergy: I tested the binomial Er on my Cayin N7 DAP and on an absolutely exceptional headphone amplifier - the Kallyste-Amethyste (see pictures), which we will also be selling soon will have in the shop!

It's amazing: even with a mobile device like the N7 you don't feel like something is missing - the Binom ER sounds amazing! When asked about this, Oleh just smiled and told me that the Binom ER should even sound very good directly on a smartphone - the clever design and the efficient drivers make it possible.

Connecting the Binom ER to a high-quality headphone amplifier like the Kallyste allows you to fully appreciate the capabilities of this revolutionary headphone.

The great thing about it: you can take the Binom ER with you on the go and operate it on your smartphone or DAP (a carrying case is included) and also use it at home on the stationary system.


Camerton's Binom ER is a truly innovative headphone that combines the best sound with the highest functionality, offering its users flexibility in every situation.

The optionally available ear pads for sound tuning, the possibility of getting the binomial in different colors and all possible connections complete the overall picture of a product that is absolutely worth its (high) price, especially when you consider that every Binom ER is made by hand in Germany.

This isn't just another mass product: This is one of the best headphones in the world!

The Binom ER is now available exclusively from Audio Essence in Switzerland and can be produced in a variety of color combinations on request.

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