Happy Birthday - Ein Jahr Audio Essence

Happy Birthday - One year Audio Essence

Exactly one year ago, Audio Essence was launched.
At that point we had no idea where the journey was going and whether the journey wouldn't be over very soon.

An experiment

Personally, I had no expectations - just hopes and wishes. The hope that as a start-up we have a chance to win customers and the wish that the journey, in which so much passion and financial and time effort has been invested, will not come to an abrupt end soon. No shop without customers. It was an experiment and it could have gone wrong.

We were lucky

...lucky to find people who trusted a completely new and unknown online store for high quality mobile hi-fi and bought from us. Many of these customers have remained loyal to us and have bought from us again and again. We would like to thank you very much for that! ❤️😊

But we were also very lucky to find partners with some of the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Empire Ears, Oriolus, Cayin, Hiby, Lotoo, Luxury & Precision, Spirit Torino, Satin Audio and others helped us to build up a range of products that is unique in Switzerland and Europe and would not have been possible from this side without trust. We would also like to thank all of these partners from the bottom of our hearts!

Growing and thriving

When our shop went online a year ago, we had around 30 products on offer. In the course of this one year, our range has grown to over 130 products and many more are to come.

Not only our product portfolio has grown, but also many personal relationships and friendships with our customers. I myself have met a number of my customers personally for a coffee and this often resulted in exciting and lively conversations.

This personal relationship with our customers is extremely important to us. We are not an anonymous online shop. We are people of flesh and blood and just like our customers, we are one thing above all: enthusiastic audiophile music listeners who can be just as happy about new in-ears, headphones or a cable, as are you all!

Before I finally get sentimental, I'll say goodbye to this blog for today and have prepared a special "candy" for my birthday:

10% off everything!

To celebrate our Audio Essence birthday, ALL PRODUCTS are 10% cheaper from April 1st to April 10th!

The discount will be deducted directly at checkout.

Happy Birthday Audio Essence and to all of you out there a BIG THANK YOU again!

Your Tom

Audio Essence

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Philipp at the

Bald sind es zwei Jahre und hoffentlich werden noch viele weitere folgen, du bist auf jeden Fall auf dem besten Weg! :)

PS: Dein Blog ist sehr gut geschrieben und informativ darum wollte ich jetzt auch mal einen Kommentar da lassen ;)

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