Hail to the King, Baby! - Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Hail to the king baby! - Luxury & Precision P6 Pro unboxing

Yesterday we received another small "treasure chest". I wonder what's in there?

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Looks quite inconspicuous at first. It's going to be spectacular inside though.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

That's what I call noble. Even the processing of the wooden box is a feast for the eyes. There must be something very special hidden there!

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

And there we have it, the "king" of mobile players, the Luxury & Precision P6 Pro. At least if you trust the reviews and user opinions of the relevant forums.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

The processing of the device itself is also perfect and is not stingy with noble materials.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

A first look at the user interface of the L&P P6 Pro. Simplicity and clarity rule here.

Luxury & Precision P6 Pro Unboxing

First sound impressions

The very first notes of my testing playlist make it clear: this is not only great in terms of price and presentation - the inner values ​​are also at the highest level.

I am greeted by the familiar R-2R sound signature, which I have already come to know and love from the Cayin N6II-Ti/R01 and a number of Audio-GD devices.

The focus is clearly on musicality and emotions. Voices, instruments, everything that happens in the music is presented with such devotion and "verve" that only very few devices on the market can do it.

For the first test hearing, I consciously use the Empire Ears Odin because I know this in-ear monitor (IEM) very well and I know what it is capable of. It also harmonises with many source devices and covers a wide range of music.

The P6 Pro inspires the Odin to new peak performances: The bass is even deeper, more powerful and more contoured and the voices of artists like Chris Jones or Sara K. seem so haunting, as if the two were on stage in front of me stand.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself without giving the P6 Pro a thorough burn-in and adding other IEMs and headphones like the Oriolus Traillii and the Spirit Torino Twin Pulse or even the Spirit Torino Valkyria.

In my experience, at least one R-2R DAC needs a minimum burn-in time of 50-100 hours to exploit its potential. Cayin, for example, let their R01 board "burn in" for 150 hours in the factory, Audio-GD also lets the devices run for at least 100 hours before delivery.

In another blog I will then give my personal impressions as well as those
another user in detail.

Until then, dear visitors and customers, you can test the Luxury & Precision P6 Pro extensively!

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