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As you like it - Empire Ears Custom In Ears

Sometimes you just want something special. Something individual, made for us, adapted to our needs and wishes. Be it a suit or dress, a watch or a piece of jewelry.

Empire Ears custom In Ears

Or just an in-ear. Perfectly adapted to your own ears, designed according to your own wishes - an expression of your own personality.

Every ear is different

Every ear is different, why not the in ears for it too? I myself have different sized ear cups and isolation and fit are almost always a problem, even with different ear tips. I've experimented a lot over the years, but Universal In Ears keep causing pain in my left ear after long periods of wear. For me personally, custom in-ear headphones are the first choice.

All to myself

Empire Ears Custom In Ear Headphones offer exactly that. Empire Ears' many years of experience in the production of Custom In Ears for music producers, sound engineers, international well-known artists, but of course also normal music lovers, guarantee the best fit and the highest quality. For a moderate surcharge, you can create your very own dream in-ear. There are also almost no limits to the design: Faceplate and shell can be designed in almost any way - even with your own motifs if you wish.

Empire Ears custom In Ears

Empire Ears Custom Options Download

Every model from Empire Ears portfolio is now available as a custom in ear. Your latest investment, improved, ultra-precise 3D printers, now also means that not entire ear impressions have to be sent to you, but only 3D scans of the impressions, if available. This speeds up production and simplifies the whole process.

We show you how it all works here:

Custom In-Ears - High End In-Ear Monitors especially for you - Audio Essence

Of course you can just give us a call and we will answer all your questions. In any case, it is very easy - we are happy to support you.

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