Feines für Auge und Ohr - Kinera Audio In-Ear Kopfhörer - Audio Essence

Fine for the eyes and ears - Kinera Audio in-ear headphones

We are proud to have found another top-class partner for Audio Essence with immediate effect. More precisely, they found us and asked whether we would be interested in making their products better known in Switzerland and of course the rest of Europe. In Asia they have been a constant in the in-ear monitor market for over 10 years: Kinera Audio .

Kinera Baldr

Anyone who already knows the brand will immediately have pictures of particularly artistically designed in-ears in their heads, which also know how to convince the specialist press and, of course, music lovers in terms of sound. Almost a legend is Kinera's "Nanna", which is now in the 2nd generation.

Kinera Nanna 2.0

Anyone who sees the in-ears, or perhaps had one in their hands or in their ears, knows that this is not about cheap "Chi-Fi" acts. Kinera's premium and high-end products are handcrafted and painted with the greatest care. Nothing is left to chance here and no compromises are made in terms of quality.

Kinera Audio

Kinera In-Ears are small works of art that are much too good not to be "worn".

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