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The treasure chest - unboxing a jewel

Yesterday afternoon I received a 10kg package from Italy, which I have been looking forward to for weeks.

Spirit Torino - schwere Holzkiste

After removing several layers of foil and a thick cardboard box, a massive, black "treasure chest" awaits me, secured with 8 large screws.
The elaborate packaging suggests a valuable content.

Holzkiste und Akkuschrauber

So pulled out the cordless screwdriver and checked ...

Holzkiste geöffnet
< br> The tension rises ...

Holzkiste in Holzkiste

and in the wooden box there is another wooden box.

Edle Schatulle

Wooden box is probably not the right word - (jewelry) box
is probably more appropriate here!

What's in there?

Schatulle mit Valkyria Kopfhörer

The lid reveals a copy of the "Valkyria" limited to 99 pieces worldwide, the pride of Spirit Torino and you Absolute top model.

Spirit Torino Valkyria in Schatulle

After an initial assessment, I spent the later evening trying to
the jewel for a first time. First impressions will follow.

At this point I would just like to mention that the planned "listen in for a moment" turned into an extended listening session and my nightly sleep was a bit too short! ;-)

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