CanJam London 2022 - Tag1

CanJam London 2022 - Day1

CanJam London 2022

The CanJam 2022 in London started last Saturday in the most glorious weather at the Park Plaza Hotel near Westminster Bridge.

CanJam Londo 2022

In contrast to HighEnd Munich, the trade fair did not take place in the sun-drenched rooms of this beautiful location, but in the "cellar", more precisely on the 3rd basement floor of the hotel. With artificial light and a temperature of what felt like 15 °C 🥶 (the air conditioning was running at full throttle despite the very moderate outside temperatures) it was a completely different atmosphere than I had expected! 🤨

But it doesn't matter, it's about the products and meeting people and exchanging ideas! 😅

The much bigger disappointment followed immediately: Empire Ears had canceled the day before: Urgent family matters. I really hope that nothing bad happened! I would have loved to finally have met Jack Vang in person and, of course, tested your new prototype. Well, there is nothing to do about it. 😥

Oh yes, by the way, my test setup consisted only of the Empire Ears Odin and the unsurpassable Cayin N8II DAP.

So let's join the fray and everyone first welcomes....

Effect Audio

We started with Effect Audio. The evening before, I spontaneously helped them to set up their stand and despite a total travel time of 35 hours, Heley and Jordon rocked the booth and took care of all interested guests with dedication.

I was allowed to test a prototype of your Cleopatra II silver cable and I can say that I was very impressed with what I heard! Extremely high resolution, a tight bass, great details - if you want to improve exactly these aspects of an IEM or headphones, you've made the right choice in gold or silver! 😅

The Empire Ears Odin I brought with me as a reference had almost too many details, so a copper cable would be more appropriate here, like the Stormbreaker (PWAudio 1960 2x) , which really suits the Odin perfectly.

Nevertheless - the "Cleo II" can work wonders with slightly less high-resolution in-ears - I'm convinced of that.

Spirit Torino

Right next door, Spirit Torino were positioned. The "Maestro" Andre Ricchi and Giordano Zacchini, Chairman of the Board of Directors, were in a great mood and took a lot of time to demonstrate their products to inclined listeners.

In addition to their new hybrid amplifier prototype "Sigfrid", they also had the new Pulsar at their booth, which is technically identical to the Valkyria, which is twice as expensive, but made of anodized aluminum instead of titanium grade 5 consists.

Spirit Torino is, by the way, the only over-ear headphone brand sold by Audio Essence for good reason. Why? Because you and your products are something special. These are not empty words, I mean it! 😎

Eletech Element Technologies

One row further down were Eletech and Element Technology with their latest cable creations. Eric, one of the founders of Eletech, and Lim Hong, their cable designer, were proud of their new products.

I took the time to test the "Ode to Laura", their new flagship cable, which consists of 3 different copper materials and is said to cost a whopping 2799 USD - A lot of money for a pure Copper wire!

Apparently, high-purity copper from different regions is used, which has also been treated differently and implemented in the cable in a unique way.

Element Technology Ode to Laura

I want to be honest: I had my doubts as to whether such a copper cable would be worth the money and in the end, of course, the willing buyer has to decide for himself.

One thing is clear: Odin's Stormbreaker, which alone costs CHF 1299, was clearly surpassed by the "Ode to Laura" in every area of ​​playback and that means something. It wasn't easy for me to Stormbreaker after I tested the Laura!

64 Audio

One last stop of the day was 64 ​​Audio, where Kalani Hiramoto, customer and dealer advisor par excellence, will be did the best to provide the crowd of interested parties who didn't want to stop with products.
Kalani also kindly got me an exhibitor ticket - thank you very much!

By the way, I had fun testing the 64Audio U12t with Effect Audio's Centurion uber cable and the resulting sound is just to die for! The U12t are perhaps the best pure Balanced Armature IEMs I have ever heard.

The highlight of the day, however, was the spontaneous Znacht (dinner) with some manufacturers and participants:CanJam Londeon 2022

Thank you to everyone who was there and made the evening unforgettable!

P.S. I apologize for the bad photos. Unfortunately, my cell phone was completely overwhelmed by the conditions in the "basement" and there was no space for my real camera in my hand luggage.

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