Buy one - Sell one. Unser neuer Service für Kunden

Buy one - Sell one. Our new service for customers

Who doesn't also know the feeling. One would like to buy a new in-ear or DAP, but the (expensive) collection at home is growing and growing.

Actually, one would also like to sell one or the other product because one may no longer use it and it is still (as) new. But where do you sell used Head-Fi? Ricardo, Ebay?

We know the problem and would like to offer our customers a new service:

Buy one - Sell one

What is that?

If a customer buys a product from us, he / she has the right to sell a used product from us on commission. We provide the platform (our shop), the customer takes care of the processing himself as soon as the product is sold. Our customers keep the entire sales proceeds.

What's the point?

We would like to give you, our customers, the opportunity to easily sell high quality products that are no longer required so that someone else can enjoy them.

For us, Audio Essence, it is simply customer service and we hope that many customers will make use of it!

What are the requirements?

1) It is a high-quality product that fits into the Audio Essence product range, i.e. mobile hi-fi. (Audio Essence decides whether the product will be recorded)

2) The product is in very good condition. Ideally, the packaging and invoice / receipt are available as proof of ownership.

What does Audio Essence deliver?

1) Audio Esssnce provides the shop platform free of charge.

2) The product is entered under the heading "Open Box & Second Hand".

3) The product is placed in the product slider at the top of the shop page.

What does the seller deliver?

1) A sufficient product description. Here, the better the description, the more chances of a sale.

2) The best possible pictures to show the product and its condition. The rule here is that the better the photos, the more chances of a sale.

3) The desired sales price, as well as the indication of whether the price is fixed or should serve as a basis for negotiation (VB).

4) An indication of how old the product is and whether it is still under warranty.

5) Upon request, customer data (e.g. a telephone number or e-mail for the purpose of contacting us) can be given. Otherwise, communication with interested parties takes place via Audio Essence.

Disclaimer & Notes

1) Audio Essence only offers the platform to help you, the customer, sell your products.

2) We do not guarantee a sale.

3) We are not liable for the goods sold or offered.

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